Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Izzy and I met Hadley (Izzy’s NICU buddy) and her mommy, Becca, for lunch today. The girls were born 5 days apart and spent the first 4 months of their lives together in the hospital. Like Izzy, Hadley was also a twin. Her brother, Jack, is up in heaven with our little Lily, which I think is sweet since Jack and Lily were the twin names Griff and I picked out before we found out we were having two girls. These girls have such a special bond, and it’s going to be so cool to watch them grow up together. We tried to get Emily (Izzy’s other BFF) and her mommy, Crystal, to come with us, but Crystal went back to work this week. We will soon be scheduling a weekend lunch date so we can get pics of all three miracle babies together. How cool is it that these tiny little girls are responsible for so many great friendships (their own and their parents’) and they don’t even know it yet?!?

Izzy on the left, Hadley on the right. They even have the same car seat. Yes, people asked if they were twins. ;-)


  1. They may not be twins, but they are certainly "soul sisters." Nice to see them together, they are both miracle babies.

  2. How cute, Hayden could not tell them apart, I had to show him which one was Izzy!

    Kiss her for us, we love yall,

    Kerri Jason and the Boys!