Sunday, August 16, 2009

Julie & Julia....& Jennifer???

Clearly I am no Julia Child, and I’m not about to attempt 524 recipes in 365 days like Julie Powell, but I did have a big day in the kitchen yesterday. Since Izzy has been home, our meals have included cereal (one of our favs!), Subway, Lean Cuisines, and the occasional grilled whatever-I-have-time-to-marinate-before-Griff-gets-home meat. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, as Seinfeld would say, and not that we won’t still eat those meals from time to time (sometimes you just want cereal for dinner), but I do like to eat a real meal every once in awhile. So…I got the genius idea to spend an entire day cooking meals to freeze ahead. I came up with 8 recipes, and made my shopping list. Mom was here on Thursday to watch Izzy, so off I went to the grocery store. I was trying to be thrifty, so I checked the sale flyer ahead of time and clipped coupons. Two stores and several hours later, I was finally finished shopping. I’m such an idiot; I made my list by recipe, not by item, so I was constantly flipping back and forth between pages…yes, I said pages. It was a beating to say the least.

Saturday morning came, and it was time to start marathon meal day. I was starting to think that like many of my ideas, this was another one that sounded much better in my head. Once I got started though, it really wasn’t that bad. I felt so accomplished with each meal I added to the deep freezer. Most recipes made more than the two of us need for a meal, so I froze smaller portions, and we actually have about 15 meals plus leftovers. Not too shabby! The worst part was all the dishes. I’m pretty sure I washed every dish in the house about 10 times. Ugh! It took me about 11 hours from start to finish, including many distractions, breaks, and time-outs to love on my baby girl. Griff was on full-time Daddy duty yesterday, which was very helpful.

So, I think I will do this again in a few months, but I might change a few things, like 1) Make my shopping list by ingredients in order of the store, duh! 2) Maybe cut it down to 5 or 6 meals – 8 is a lot for 1 day 3) hire an assistant to wash dishes so I don't have to stop to clean-up 4) build a bigger kitchen. Okay, so 3 and 4 may be a long shot, but whatever.

If any of you have any freezer-friendly recipes, I need some more ideas for the next round!


Chicken Enchiladas

Taco Soup

Turkey Burritos (that turned into enchiladas along the way)

Chicken and Black Bean Casserole

Chicken Stew

BBQ Pulled Pork

Patty's Chicken - we ended up eating this for dinner, but we have leftovers in the fridge!


  1. Okay, seriously, I am so impressed by all the meals...and would like to come over for dinner! Everything looks so yummy. Way to plan ahead.

  2. Hi Jen. My name is Christine. I am the daughter of Rhonda Hooten, a quilting friend of Jane's. Rhonda gave me a recipe for Chicken Spaghetti awhile back that freezes beautifully. Please send me your email address and I will forward the recipe to you.


  3. Stop - you are making the rest of us look really bad!!!Everything looks yummy though.

  4. Thanks guys! Christine...I'm emailing you now!