Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Compromise

Okay, I got the message loud and clear. It seems a few of my readers *ahem, Papa and Nanna* do not appreciate the Bachelorette talk, as it interferes with their Izzy updates. So, as a compromise, I will keep it short this week. And let the record show that there have been two Izzy postings since my last Bachelorette post. :-)

For Izzy's Fans:

A few thoughts on last night's episode:

1. I am horribly ashamed and embarrassed that I fell for the show's tricky teaser last week. They showed Ty on the beach, so I assumed he made it to Tahiti, and either Kirk or Chris would be sent packing. You got me, Bachelorette. You got me.

2. So happy that Ty is gone. I didn't have a good feeling about him. And what guy his age uses the phrase, "I'm tickled to death...?" Next, please!

3. I thought sweet little moldy Kirk was just precious on his date with Ali, but next week just might ruin it for me. Apparently his dad is a taxidermist and has a slew of dead animals in his basement. Creepy!

4. Could Chris have driven the moped ANY slower??? He is super sweet though, and the bracelet was a nice touch.

5. Roberto....mmmm. That is all.

6. Has there been an episode to date where Frank didn't cry to the cameras about how all the other guys are going on dates with his "girlfriend" and he wishes it were him? No? Didn't think so. Ugh! Get over it dude, she's not your girlfriend, and you signed up for this ridiculous show.

7. Did anyone else think Ali's skirts were just a tad too short? I'm pretty sure she flashed half of Portugal.

8. And obviously I must address the trainwreck that is Jake and Vienna Sausage. First of all, I am shocked that this didn't work. I mean, if you can't find your spouse on the Bachelor, where can you find one? Is the sarcasm obvious enough? They are both so desparately hungry for media attention, and in my opinion, flat-out pathetic. They were arguing like a couple of middle school students, and trust me, I've seen my share of middle school break-ups. My favorite was when Jake raised his voice at The Sausage and she burst into tears. It's too bad that it didn't work out, because they really do deserve each other. Obviously, you can't believe either one of them, but I do have to say, Vienna made a better argument than Jake. He has always been gross and cheesy, but he came across like a controlling jerk last night. I think all the contestants from his season should thank him for not giving them a rose.

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  1. I'm "tickled to death" with your Bachelor recaps. :) And yes, her skirts were most definitely too short! And I agree, Vienna Sausage made a better argument than Jake. That whole thing was just bleh.