Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Little Ladybug

Have you ever seen a cuter ladybug? Well, if your child was also a ladybug this year, don't answer that question. Otherwise, I'm sure you will agree with me when I say that Izzy was the cutest ladybug ever! I was a little worried about the costume because A) I had never even tried it on her until 4:00 pm on Halloween, and B) She hates hats, I mean HATES them. Never leaves them on...ever. So, I was almost positive that she was going to hate this costume because of the hood. Obviously, that didn't keep my from buying it...let's face it, there are times when the cuteness factor trumps a grumpy baby, and Halloween fits perfectly in this category. To my shock, she loved her costume. She did not try to pull the hood off her head even once. When I got her all zipped up, she took off running with a huge smile on her face. Love this girl!!!

And this is the haul my 20-month-old daughter came home with...all from family. Dear family, you do realize that hubs and I eat 99.9% of this candy, right? My fat pants and I are not happy with you at the moment. ;-)

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