Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Whatcha Readin'?

Reading sort of comes in waves for me. I really do enjoy reading, but I can sometimes go months without turning a page, and then when I finally do open a book, I'll read one after the other. Well, lately, I've been back on the books. Don't be intimidated by my sophisticated taste in fine literature.

Here's what I've read recently:

Started out a little arrogant, but I was a fan by the end.

First book by Jen Lancaster that I've read, but I thought she was hilarious. I'll definitely be reading more.

Currently on the Nook:

Only about 60 pages in, but so far, so good.

Up Next:

Heard this is hilarious. Can't wait to read it.

Dang Oprah. She gets me every time...

Because one young adult saga in my life is just not enough.

Who wouldn't want to read this?

Not usually my style, but I read some good reviews, and it intrigued me.

Now your turn. What are you reading? And no hubs, Jurassic Park doesn't count...


  1. I'm reading Born to Run, Kate recommended it. All I can say is there are some very crazy people out there, and a lot of them are running. Why?
    My book club is reading My Reading Life, by Pat Conroy. I haven't started it yet. I'll let you know.
    Book Club also wants to read Atlas Shrugged. So that will be next. But mostly I'm sewing,and when I sew I don't read. So, that's it for me for a while. I know you were on the edge of your seat just waiting to hear what your mother-in-law is reading.

  2. I'm reading Water for Elephants now, too. And OPRAH! Now I want to read Shania Twain's new book. Darn her!

  3. I started reading Born to Run, but I lost interest. Just one of the reasons I will never be a crazy, hard core runner. If I can't even finish a book about running, I'll never finish a marathon. I fancy myself more of a recreational jogger. ;-)

    Stormy, I saw that the episode with Shania and thought the same thing. Her ex and her best friend...oh, the drama! What do you think of Water for Elephants?