Saturday, July 9, 2011

Project Playroom

The seemingly neverending project of converting our back porch into a playroom has finally come to an end...well, for now at least.  My dad and his crew did the actual conversion; Griff caulked and painted the inside and outside.  You should know that I attempted to help with the caulking, and it did not go well.  Griff had to run out to get something, and Izzy was asleep, so I thought I would be a good wife and pick up where he left off.  I ended up texting him the picture below with the message, " this supposed to happen?" 

Operation Good Wife was quickly shut down thereafter.  However, I was allowed to help with the interior painting.  Lucky me.  Aside from painting, an A/C vent, carpet, and a celing fan had to be installed (all of which we relied heavily on Dad's help), furniture had to be purchased and put together, blinds and curtains had to be hung, etc.  It ended up being a slightly bigger project than we anticipated, but I think it turned out cute, and I have my living room back, so I'm a happy mama.  Check out Izzy's new digs.

Probably the last time it will look this nice. 

Curtains from

Bookcase, numbered bins, and glass jars (that I will fill with crayons and blocks) from Ikea, cubes from Target.  Framed poster was in my old classroom, and I was storing it in the attic.  Yay for hoarding!

Original door to our living room.  We left the door on - it's just open.  The new back door heads out to the deck. 

Table, chairs, and toy, all from Ikea

Toybox and bins from Ikea - did I mention we like Ikea??

Not sure what I'm going to put in these, but they sure are cute!

From Target.  Me likey.

Even the dollhouse is nice and tidy.  I would like to point out that "Daddy" has gone missing. Guess he couldn't deal with the renovations.  Just like a man to bail when things get tough.  Kidding!  I do like how "Mommy" seems pretty happy that the ball and chain is gone.  She's probably catching up on DVR'd Real Housewives episodes.  I mean, I'm just guessing...

All the babies, snug as bugs.

Some pictures of the transformation:

There is still a list of things that need to be finished and touched up, but for now we are calling it done.  I think the real daddy in our house might go missing if he doesn't get a break from this room for awhile.  Oh, and by the way...the room that we stayed up until 1:00 am cleaning and organizing last night looked like this about 2.5 seconds after Izzy woke up this morning.  Such is life with a toddler.

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  1. 1. You're funny.
    2. I like Izzy's new playroom!
    3. That is all.