Friday, September 16, 2011

DIY Wreaths

I have a mild obsession with wreaths these days.  My mom, sis, aunt, and I had a little family craft day several weeks ago to make some.  I've been meaning to do a post about them for awhile now, and with the nice semi-Fall-ish weather this week, today seems appropriate. 
Doesn't a wreath just make a house look so inviting?
Grapevine wreath with felt and fabric flowers

I glued on the gold beaded twigs to spruce it up a bit

Close up of the flowers

I also made this little ditty.  Same idea, but you just wrap yarn around a styrofoam wreath (or in this case, a straw wreath still wrapped in plastic).  But let me tell you, Mom and I spent more hours than I care to admit untangling the mess I made of the yarn.  Yes, hours.  What.A.Beating.  So, it's probably obvious to most people, but for the rookies like me, be sure to unravel the whole bolt of yarn and make it into a ball before you start wrapping your wreath.  Don't say I didn't warn you.

And I made this one for a friend's birthday.  Found the letter at Tarjay a few months back.  Love the colors!

Inpiration and Tutorials:

More beloved wreaths to recreate at some point:


  1. you forgot the part where Dad said to roll it up in a ball before you start. Love ya Dad.

  2. Thanks, Katie.

    And yes, Dad, I seem to remember some sort of warning about the yarn. You know I don't listen. And why/how you know what to do with yarn is still a mystery. Love you, too!