Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Long Time, No Izzy

Not much time for blogging tonight.  Gotta watch my DVR'd Modern Family episode.  Clearly, I keep a pretty rigid schedule.  So, instead of a lot of talk, I thought I would share some Izzy videos.  Always a hit with the grandparents. Here is my sassy sweet girl naming all of her bath animals.  She's kind of quite in this video (very unusual for this child!), so you may have to crank the volume to hear her.

Subtitles:  (Line 'em up), Seal, Elephant, Octopus, Frog, Whale, Duck, Hippo, Bear

If we are FB friends, you've probably already seen this one, but I thought it needed some Blogger love.  We've been working on counting to 10, and she was doing really well.  At dinner the other night, I aksed her to count for daddy, and she kept going after 11.  I was shocked.  I hadn't taught her that.  Later in the bathtub, she counted to 15 on her own.  Baby genius?  I think so.  I asked her teacher if they've been working on counting and explained my reason for asking.  She was surprised, too, and said she must have heard if from the other kids.  Apparently there are some kids in her class who can count to 20.  Please.  I'd like to see these children who are supposedly smarter than my baby genius.  Phsst, as if that is possible.  Looks like we'll be counting to 30 (for good measure) every night before bed now.  Nobody puts Izzy in the corner.


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