Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fall Home Tour

Hubs used to tease me about all of my fall decorations.  Around September, he'd always ask if I was getting ready to harvest.  For the past few years, I really haven't put any of it out, but this year, I made him bring all my fall goodies down from the attic. 
 He wasn't too happy to harvest. If I'm being honest, he had a little bit of an attitude about having to get in the attic, and this poor plate took the brunt of that attitude.

All the other decorations made it down unharmed, and I had fun cozying up the casa. 
Not a lot going on outside.  I think I'm going to make a fall wreath this weekend.  I planted that little mum in the planter yesterday.  It's sure to be dead by next weekend under my care. 
The mantel

This candelabra used to be on my dining room table, and I recently moved it to the mantel.  I love it because you can dress it up for different holidays.

Got these little pumpkins at Hobby Lobby (I think) a few years ago.  First year to put them on the candlesticks, but I think I dig it. 

The only indoor decoration I bought this year was the flowers for this vase.  I'm not good at floral arrangements - I need to get my dad over to help me perfect it.  Yes, my dad.  He's a Jack of all trades.  You're welcome, Dad. 

The kitchen decor 

Apothecary jars made by gluing glass jars from Hobby Lobby to candle holders from Tarjay.  Both current purchases - go getcha some!  This little presentation is less impressive when the jars are empty, which is funny because the fit of my pants is also less impressive when the jars are empty.  Weird.

Don't remember where this came from, but I like it on the easel.
Entryway Table

Sign in hallway - I think I got it at Canton last year or the year before.

Gotta have some pumpkins in the playroom.

There ya have it.  Not a ton of stuff, but it makes the house feel cozy. And I have to admit, I'm already a little giddy at the thought of Christmas decorations!

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