Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Weekend Update

We had ourselves a busy little weekend, so I thought I'd catch you up. 

Friday night, the bestie and her ball and chain came over for dinner, and after baby girl went to bed, we got started on the wine and pumpkin pie crafting.   We were set to make some burlap wreaths like this one (which, by the way, is for sale on Etsy for $59 - that's crazy talk).

Unfortunately, we got off to a bit of a bumpy start, what with the wrong size wire wreath and a bad YouTube tutorial.  But whaddaya gonna do?  That may or may not have been where the wine and pie came into play.  No worries though, the night ended with both of us having a clear plan on how to move forward, and now this little beauty has found a home over my mantel mirror.

What you need: wire wreath and 2 yards of burlap (or really any fabric)
Directions: Cut burlap into strips (approximately 1"x7"ish) and tie them to the wreath.  Repeat a million times, and you've got yourself a burlap wreath.  My wreath was made of 4 little wires, and I tied the burlap to all four wires.  Easy cheesy, but a little time consuming and the burlap sheds everywhere!
We started Saturday off with a little family 5k action.  Our friend organized her 2nd annual charity race benefiting her church, and we were happy to participate.  Izzy had a great time on the playground after the run.  After that, we went home to relax for a bit before we dropped Izzy off with my parents for the night. 
Hubs and I went our separate ways Saturday night.  He went to a Halloween party his boss was hosting, and I was off to see Taylor Swift.  I just love T. Swift.  She seems like such a nice girl, is incredibly talented, a great role model for little girls, and let's not forget that the girl is absolutely adorable.  I have never seen so many teenage girls in dresses and cowboy boots in one place before.  I'm not going to lie, attending a T. Swift concert can make a girl feel old, but the great thing about her concert is that all the little girls are in line to buy t-shirts, leaving the bar line wide open for us older ladies. 
Here's me and Janean after we found our seats.  I'm a dork, and accidentally took a video of us instead of a picture, but it makes me laugh, so here ya go.

We had a great time.  She put on a great show, and looked like she was having so much fun.  I was totally wishing I was her before the night was over.  The only camera I had was my phone, so these pictures are awful, but they're all I've got. 
So pretty - not just anyone can pull off red lipstick ya know

B.O.B. came out and sang Airplanes with her - a nice little surprise


Janean's husband was supposed to pick us up from the concert, but he was next door at the Ranger game, which was running late because of rain delays.  So, I texted Griff (remember, he's at the Halloween party).  He and a co-worker came to our rescue.  Sort of.  Traffic was a nightmare, and they were completely stuck, so we basically walked 2 miles to find them.  And I was one of those girls wearing a dress and cowboy boots.  Major blisters, and major beatdown.  Oh, and did I mention that hubs was still in full costume?  Imagine this guy sticking his head out of the car, in bumper to bumper traffic on Division, screaming your name at the top of his lungs as you approach his truck.  Super classy, right? 

So, we still needed to get Janean to her husband at the ball park, but all the streets were shut down, so she rode off into the night in a rickshaw.  Completely normal. 

We had tickets for the Ranger game on Sunday, so we met Izzy and my parents (and some more of our family) for lunch, and then we took Izzy to stay with Griff's parents for the night.  Poor baby girl just gets passed from one set of grandparents to another.  Well, if you think she is upset about that, you would be wrong.  Well, pretty much as soon as we drop her off, stop at the store for some tailgating snacks, and make it back home, they've cancelled the game due to rain.  I didn't really know what to do with myself.  Homegirl gone and no plans??  That NEVER happens.  So, I put some potato soup in the crockpot, put my fat pants on, and cleared out some space on the DVR.  It was pretty heavenly.  By the way, I think I'm pretty much done with The Office.  It's almost painful to watch now.  So sad. 

Anywho, we had a nice little evening at home Sunday, and we were able to go to the rescheduled game on Monday.  Not exactly the best seats in the house.  Upper deck, last row, backs against the chain link fence.  But we were there, and it was a great game.  Go Rangers!

And that's all folks. 


  1. Ok, I was gonna comment on several things and then I got to the Ranger I'll start with GO RANGERS!! I am beyond hyped. I absolutely could not believe that Nelly hit a second (almost grand slam) homer last night to win the game. I am beyond excited about (possibly) being World Series bound! In other that wreath! It turned out great. And SO fun to go to the TS concert.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Tiffany! I went straight to your blog - so funny that we have the same background! Oh, and that video of the little girl? Totally smeared my mascara on that one. So precious! Excited to start following your blog!