Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Time for Tea

I took Izzy to the most precious birthday party for her sweet friend Gabrielle this weekend.  It was a tea party theme, and my friend, Karla, went all out.  There were 8 little ladies and 1 little gentleman (the birthday girl's little brother) in attendance, and they were so well behaved.  The girls LOVED dressing up and acting all sassy.  It was the cutest thing you've ever seen.  I'm definitely going to be stealing this idea in a few years!  Of course, I forgot my camera, so I only have pics from my phone.  Better than nothing, I suppose. 

How cute is this table?  LOVE the cupcake stand she and her mother made, and did you notice the little plastic teacups with straws?  Adorable!

After we worked out on Friday, Karla (who had people refinishing floors at her house) brought the kids over to play with Izzy while we whipped up these cupcakes.  They were a hit at the party.

Each sweet girl had some fancy jewels waiting for them when they took their seat.

All dressed up and ready to eat lunch.  They had Chic-fil-a nuggests, fruit, chips and dip, and eggrolls.  She also served chili for the adults.  Delish!

After dinner, the girls decorated foam-picture frames that were shaped like a teacup.  Then they picked out two boas - one to wear and one for their hat.  (The mamas hot-glued the boas to the hats.)  Here's my girl.  This picture cracks me up.  Her dress is sleeveless, so I put a little cardigan on her, so she looks like a little old lady with her hat and jewels. 

So fancy!  After all the girls got "fancified" we lined them up for some super cute group pictures, but I didn't want to post other people's children here without their permission.  Just trust me when I say they were all precious. 

Being fabulous is exhausting!

I can't say enough about how fun and adorable this party was.  Izzy can sometimes be a handful in new situations, but she was a little doll (all the girls were), and she had a blast.  This party got me pumped to start planning Izzy's 3rd birthday party.  Say whaaat?  She's going to be 3???  I decided on a Minnie Mouse theme awhile ago, and I finally started making some progress on Sunday.  I'll be sure to post a blog about her party and all the little goodies I'm making for it after it's all said and done.  

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