Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Harper - 2 and 3 month pics

Well, three months have come and gone, and I've already fallen behind on these monthly updates.  That didn't take long.  But hey, I was always late on Izzy's updates, too, so I'm just keeping it even.  That's my story at least. 

Harper is such a sweet baby!  She is growing like a weed, and getting cuter by the minute.  She still loves to eat, as evident in her pictures.  Love those sweet cheeks!  She is sleeping really well these days, taking several 45 min - 1 hour naps throughout the day, and usually at least one longer nap around 2 hours.  She usually sleeps at least 6 hours a night, and those wonderful 8-hour stints at night are becoming more and more frequent...I like where this is headed! 

Girlfriend is wearing size 1 diapers (probably not for much longer though), and mostly 3-month clothing, but she can wear many 6-month outfits, too.  Baby sizing is kind of crazy in that way.  At her last appointment, she weighed in at 13 pounds 7 ounces.  She is smiling all the time now, making even more coos, squeals, and little chuckles.  She gives me and hubs good smiles, but I think she saves the best ones for her big sister.  She is smitten with Izzy, and I think the feeling is mutual. 

Month 2

Month 3

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