Thursday, September 5, 2013

Back to School

My big girl started back to her last year of preschool this week.  I can't even believe she will be in kindergarten next year.  Doesn't seem possible.  She is loving school, and Harper is loving the extra attention she is getting without big sister around.  If I could just figure out a nap schedule that works for Harper, we would be all set.  She usually goes down for a nap around 1, and now we have to leave to pick up Izzy at 1:30.  Preschool hours were not set with baby brothers and sisters in mind, unfortunately.  I suppose the world will go on despite my naptime delimma.

Now for the obligatory first day of school pictures.  What you don't see from these sweet pics is Griff crouched down and sweating behind the camera  (it's still a million degrees before 8:00 am - that's just stupid) and me shouting a million commands to "smile," "look at the camera," "take a few steps back," "get your hands off of your face," "it's just a fly - it's not going to hurt you," etc, while juggling Harper.  Good thing photos don't come with soundtracks.  Can I get an amen?

I swear she looks 10 in this picture.  I can't even...
Walking in like she owns the place.

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