Friday, January 31, 2014

Five on Friday

I don't mean to brag, but this is the third Friday in a row that I have blogged.  That must be some sort of record.  Linking up with Natasha and Friends again this week.  

ONE.  My Papaw fell last Friday, which led to internal bleeding, and he has been in the hospital since then.  I took the girls up to see him yesterday, and it was the sweetest thing you ever did see.  My Nanny and Paw were laughing and smiling the whole time the girls were there.  You could just see and feel  how happy they were to see the girls.  Babies are the best medicine.  Oh, and the bandana around Izzy's neck?  Rodeo Week at school...

TWO.  We love Pandora in this house, and we wear out all the Disney stations.  Izzy was singing her
 little lungs out to Reflection - you know the Christina Aguilera song from Mulan.  I was actually surprised that she knew most of the words.  Well, later that night, Griff was getting her ready for bed, and she looked into the mirror and started crying.  He asked her why she was crying, and she told him it was because she didn't like her reflection.  He came to tell me this, looking really concerned, and not knowing that she had been belting out the Reflection song a few hours earlier.  Made me giggle.  Girls are so dramatic.  I don't think hubs understood just how dramatic, or how early it begins.  #getusedtoitdaddy

THREE.  There is never a dull moment with Harper around.  She is a spunky little lady with a mind of her own, and a style of her own.  This is how she rolls at Target.

FOUR.  My friend, Karla, told me about this lipgloss a few weeks ago, and it is a new favorite for sure.  It's Revlon Super Lustrous in Pango Peach.

FIVE.  I am in love with this sweatshirt.  I saw it on Pinterest and sent it to my girlfriends as a suggested group uniform for our next girls' trip.  I mean, food and compliments is all we really want, right?

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Chalkboard Sign

I have been admiring this canvas from Lindsay Letters for a few months now.  It's one of my favorite hymns, and I just love it so much.

So, when I spied this little beauty on sale at World Market, the wheels started turning.  If you ask my husband, he would say the wheels never stop turning when it comes to all things decorating.  

I brought it home, scoured Pinterest for some chalkboard lettering inspiration, whipped out my chalk marker and got to work.
I LOVE this thing.  I ordered it from an Etsy vendor last year, and I will definitely be purchasing more.

After a lot of trial and error, as well as some very obsessive erasing, this is what I came up with.  It may not be quite as perfect as the canvas, but I kind of dig it.  And at $39.99 vs. $200 for the canvas, I'm patting myself on the back right now.  

Monday, January 27, 2014

Moody Monday

Harper is still in her crib, and until we convert it to a full-size bed, we probably won't make many changes to her room.  But just for fun, here is some inspiration for her bedroom.  I haven't completely committed to her wall color, as it turned out slightly different than what I had planned.  I still like it, just not sure if it's staying around for the long haul.  So, here is a mood board that I think would work really well with the current color, which is Olympic White by Sherwin Williams.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Five on Friday

ONE.  Two of my rugs have arrived!  Still waiting on two runners, but so far, so good. 

TWO.  So, would you like to know what my favorite purchase of 2014 is so far?  This little gem.  Yes, that is the first and only dust buster I've ever owned.  Ever.  Like, never had one before.  Why, you ask?  I have no idea.  I want to marry this thing.  Not really, that would actually suck.  Somebody stop me.  Griff and I are both obsessed with it, and we may or may not dust bust our children while they eat.  And we definitely dust bust when it would be easier to just vacuum.  But we just can't help ourselves.  I realize I'm a few decades behind on this thing, but it is seriously life changing.  Life.  Changing.  Be sure to come back next week where I'll talk about some of my other recent discoveries.  You know, things like the telephone and electricity. 

THREE.  There were two instances that brought me to tears this week.  One concerning a sick baby in the NICU, and the other had to do with adoption.  I sometimes forget how special each of my girls are, and how truly blessed I am to be their mama.  I haven't a doubt that Izzy and Harper are going to leave their mark on this world. 

FOUR.  Okay, I've talked myself off the ledge a bit.  At  least for now.  Remember this post?  Well, I think I've decided to start out on a smaller scale to see what the chalk paint rage is all about.  The table in our entryway may be my first victim.

FIVE.  I have "earned" $70 in Gap rewards.  Griff rolls his eyes when I show him what I've "earned" with each credit card statement.  I was actually about to cash some of those points in with a 35% discount code, but it doesn't apply to jeans.  Boo, Gap!  These are sitting in my cart, just waiting for a sale. 

via Gap

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Dreaming of Chalk Paint

Umm, can I just say that Chalky White was a close contender as a title for this post.  Shout out, Boardwalk!

If you've been reading blogs for a hot minute, there's a greater than zero chance you've heard of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  For those of you who haven't (Griff), it's a special paint made specifically for furniture.  It requires no sanding or priming, but you are supposed to use furniture wax to buff after painting.  From what I've read it adheres to practically any surface, and leaves a matte, velvety finish. 

Well, I've recently (like as in the last few hours) become mildly obsessed with it.  I do that.  If I get an idea in my head, it consumes me.  The current obsession is painting my dining table and chairs.  Here's what we are currently working with.

I don't think this much black works well in this room.  In a perfect world, I would just order this and call it a day.  Wouldn't that be nice?

Truth is, our table has been used and abused, but we need to get a few more miles out of it.  Here's what I'm thinking: paint the base of the table, paint the chairs, recover the seats with a different fabric (that was the plan all along), and possibly replace the two chairs on the ends with some sort of upholstered chairs.  

This picture from Miss Mustard Seed is similar to the look I'm going for.  I love how it all works together without being matchy-matchy.  

And this before and after from Adventures in Decorating also gives me some good inspiration.

And here is an idea of what my table could look like if I only painted the chairs.  This is from Emily A. Clark's website (her previous home), and I'm pretty sure that is my exact table without the leaf.

Now excuse me while I scour the internet for more pictures of chalk painted furniture...

Monday, January 20, 2014

Moody Monday

It's 7:20 a.m., and my children are still asleep.  I've already had some quiet time, and now I'm writing a blog post while watching the sunrise.  Who do I think I am??  I'll tell you who I am.  I'm a mama whose baby woke her up at 5:30.  I hid under my covers, hoping she would go back to sleep, but no luck.  She needed mama to rock her back to dreamland.  I have really been wanting to change my morning routine to get up early and do these things, but sleep just always wins.  I'm actually kind of glad Harper woke me up this morning.  It is super nice to have a quiet house to yourself in the morning.  Turns out His plans are better than mine.  I can't guarantee this will become a habit, but I will admit those morning people do have a point.

Okay, so when we were selecting paint colors for the house and Izzy chose purple??  I'm not going to lie.  It gave me a bit of anxiety.  I'm not mad at purple, but it's definitely not a wall color I would pick.  I probably could have swayed her to a different color, or even just one wall of purple, but every time I asked her about it, she always said purple.  She knew exactly what she wanted, so I decided it was important to honor her request and embrace the purple.  I knew I had done the right thing when upon seeing her purple room for the first time, she gasped and did three twirls in the center of the room.  Perfection!  Her joy was definitely worth the design compromise.

Pretty much every room in this house is unfinished (decor-wise), so unfortunately, Izzy's room is not a priority and probably won't happen for awhile, but since kids' rooms are so fun to decorate, I decided to make a mood board for her room.  I think this is a nice compromise for the purple walls.  Just because the walls are purple doesn't mean everything in the room has to be purple.  I'm hoping to get to her room sometime this year, and this will be a nice way to take it from "little girl room" to "bigger little girl room."  Because you know, I refuse to admit she's growing up.

The background is her wall color.  I love all the bright colors, and I think she will too.  Um yeah...I haven't gotten her approval on this, so who knows if it will fly.  Fingers crossed.  The artwork gallery in the bottom right corner is from Etsy.  I love it, but I'm hoping to find something with a touch of green to tie into the side table.  

These boards are fun to create, and should be really helpful when it comes time to actually do the room.  I'm hoping to make one for several other rooms in the house, and my goal is to post them on Mondays.  We shall see.  

Friday, January 17, 2014

Five on Friday

One.  We've been in the house for almost a month now, and there is still just SO much to do.  There are still a few boxes in the garage that need to be emptied, and lots of closets/spaces that need to be organized.  Like my craft closet for starters.  It is approaching "Monica Geller secret closet" status.  I get very overwhelmed when I open the door, so I just keep shutting it and walking away.  Duh.  I tackled one very small area of organization this morning: my jewelry drawer.  Baby steps.

Two.  I have been on a rug ordering spree lately.  I have these babies coming to me soon.  Fingers crossed they all work in their intended places.
1. Rugs USA
2. Overstock
3. West Elm
4. Rugs USA

Three.  My sweet Harper woke up with a fever this morning.  You wouldn't know it by the way she is playing today, but we decided to stay home today just to be on the safe side.  An entire day spent at home is not a bad way to spend a Friday.  Especially when you get to start your day with these little cuties.

Four.  I had gum surgery last week for my receding gums.  Basically, they cut my gums off my teeth, stuffed them with donor tissue, and sewed them back.  Yes, it is just as sexy as it sounds.  My sweet friends sent me these, and they sure did brighten my day.

Five.  It is time, my friends.  It has been so long since I've had an actual neighborhood to run in, and now that Izzy is back to school three days a week, and the weather has been super nice, my plan is to run with Harper a few days a week.  The workout schedule has pretty much been non-existent the past month due to holidays, moving, etc., and I'm actually really ready to get back in the groove.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year

Hoping you all had a blessed Christmas and wishing you joy in the new year!  Cheers from my family to yours.