Friday, February 28, 2014

Five on Friday

One.  I am loving the new 'hood.  Everyone we have met so far is our age with young kids, which is so different from our last neighborhood.  Just more reassurance that we are exactly where He wants us.

Two.  So, this happened.  I went in to her room this morning and found her like this.  First words out of her mouth were, "Oh, gosh."  I had to run and grab my phone so I could send a pic to daddy.

Three.  As you know from my last post, we now have a 5-year-old in the house.  That sounds like crazy talk.  Know what else sounds like crazy talk?  We register her for kindergarten in like six weeks.  I can't even.

Four.  This child.  I can't make this stuff up.  Would you just look at that face?!

Five.  I have been wearing my wellies every chance I get.  There were a few days this week with a slight chance of rain, so you better believe I whipped these babies out.  They still haven't touched a drop of rain, but they sure are cute...and comfy!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Izzy Turns Five

As if one baby growing up wasn't enough for this mama's heart, my oldest decided to turn five today.  FIVE.  Who told her that was okay?!?  I swear she will be leaving for college tomorrow.  Time is going way too fast for my liking.

The only thing that gets me through Harper's 2-year-old tantrums is knowing that she will grow out of it, just as her big sister did.  Now listen, homegirl can still throw a fit with the best of them.  If she decides she is tired, it is over.  OHHVER.  But for the most part, she is a rational little person.  Izzy is such a sweet girl with a kind and tender heart.  She is very protective of Harper, and is always asking if she can share/give one of her toys with a friend.  I love that she is always thinking of others.  Her teacher is constantly gushing over her and telling me how sweet she is.  Proud mama.  My micro-preemie has come a long way.

Happy birthday to my favorite 5-year-old!  Now pass the tissues...

Monday, February 24, 2014

Moody Monday - Office Mood Board

I told myself before we moved in that I would take my time with this house and focus on one room at a time.  Well, that is hard.  Other than the rugs and some curtains for the breakfast room, we haven't really purchased much yet as far as decor (we did buy a media cabinet and bookshelves for the living room), but my mind keeps jumping from room to room.  This week, I'm obsessing over the office.  The walls are currently painted Balboa Mist by Benjamin Moore (color matched at SW), and I really like the "blank" slate it provides, but in the office, I think we might go for something a little darker.  We eventually want to add some built-in shelving (which will be painted white) similar to the inspiration pic, so I think that would look nice against the San Antonio Grey wall color.  

This will be a room that evolves over time, as all of the rooms in my house, but the chandelier is already in the room, and the curtains should arrive this week.  One step at a time...

Curtains - Target
Built-in Bookshelf Inspiration - Our Fifth House Blog via Pinterest
Desk - World Market
Desk Chair - Wayfair
Teal Chairs - World Market
Rug - Pier 1
Drum Side Table - World Market
Accent Pillows - Target
Floor Lamp - Ikea
Chandelier - Murray Feiss
Wall Color - San Antonio Gray by Benjamin Moore
Bookshelf interior Color - Urbane Bronze by Sherwin Williams

Friday, February 21, 2014

Harper Turns Two

I kind of have to say it, right....I can't believe she's already two!  I know, I know, so cliche.  But so true!  It seems like just yesterday she was learning to crawl, and now she is speaking in sentences.  Sometimes in her own language, but a sentence is a sentence, right?  Harper is such a joy and keeps us laughing.  She is seriously the funniest baby.  She has the most expressive eyes, and she can speak to you without saying a word.  And drama....oh, the drama!  This child is quite the actress.  If she finds herself with an audience, she will surely perform!

Happy birthday to my sweet Harper Rose.  Mama loves you, baby girl!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

That Time Norovirus Wiped Out My Family

Allow me to recap last week for you in pictures.  This won't take long.

Another one gone...

and another gone...

and another one bites the dust.

Ugh, don't you love sharing stomach bugs?  This nasty little bug made it's way through our entire family.  I was the only one who escaped without vomiting.  I had a fever, major chills, and was nauseated for a few hours, but it takes a lot to bring mama down.  Someone had to clean up after all these people...and take pictures of them.  So happy to report that we are finished playing "pass the bucket."

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Valentine's Day Favors and Gifts

Oh, hey there.  Just a few days behind on this post.  Such is my life.  I saw this idea on Pinterest a few weeks ago, and knew I had to recreate it for Izzy's class.  My girls are obsessed with all things Frozen.  "Let it Go" is pretty much on a continuous loop at our house.  I made the tag in Photoshop Elements using a digital scrapbook tag and some clip art, and glued them to the pink cardstock.  The most time consuming part was cutting the tags.  If I had one of these, that wouldn't be a problem.  A wanna-be crafter can dream, right?  

I'm really happy with the way the Valentine's turned out.  Super cute and didn't cost much.  Done and done.  Izzy gave out some store-bought Frozen Valentine's with pencils along with these little treats.  She signed all of the cards herself, and I think she was pretty proud of them.  Sweet girl.

We gave Izzy's teachers some hand soap and some colorful kitchen towels.  

 I made these little tags to tie on the sack.  Gifts are all about the presentation, right?  Again, another idea that's all over Pinterest.  

For breakfast on V-day, I made the girls some heart shaped oatmeal pancakes (hubs was not feeling well, so he opted to skip breakfast), and then we exchanged gifts.

We don't do much for Valentine's Day, but I like to get the girls a little present.  This year, they both got a new book (totally scored with this book for Izzy), some pajamas, and of course, a few little sweet treats.  

Hubs and I usually don't exchange gifts for Valentine's Day, but he surprised me with these babies a few days before V-day.  I think I'll keep him.  I was not quite a generous, but he did get some new workout clothes and a giant coffee mug.  

Hope you all had a fun day celebrating love with all your favorite people!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sausage and Spinach Pasta

I tried out this recipe from Skinny Taste last night, and we really liked it.  I omitted the Pecorino Romano, and cut the mozzarella in half, and it was still plenty cheesy.  The best part was this was thrown together and on the table in just over 30 minutes.  That's a win in my book.

Click here for recipe

Monday, February 3, 2014

Remembering Lily

Hey there!  I hope you all had a fun weekend.  We had a pretty low key weekend, which is just how I like it.  On Saturday, we celebrated what would have been Lily's 5th birthday.  It is so hard to believe it has been 5 years since we held her in our arms.  Although we only got a few precious moments with her, she has without a doubt changed our lives.  On days where everything seems to be going wrong (I'm looking at you, Mondays), and it takes 45 min to get the girls dressed and out the door, and somebody is crying (Izzy), and somebody else is dragging 5 pairs of my shoes across the house (Harper), I try to just take a deep breath and remind myself how lucky and completely blessed I am to have these two perfect daughters.  Their behavior may not always be perfect, but they were indeed perfectly made.  And they were perfectly made for us.  What a gift.  I will never know what I did to deserve them.  Being their mommy is such a privilege.

Every year when February 1st rolls around, I always look at Izzy so intently, trying to figure out what Lily would look like.  I sometimes get a little sad (I'm sure I always will) because I know Izzy and Lily would have had so much fun growing up together.  I mean, can you even imagine Izzy times 2??  But I can't think like that for long.  I can't allow myself to ask "Why?" or "What if?"  It's just not healthy, and in all honesty, if Lily were here, Harper probably wouldn't be in our family.  I don't know if we would have eventually turned to adoption or not, but it most likely wouldn't have happened so soon, and life without our sassy little lady just wouldn't be the same.  I know that our story was written a long time ago, and I am so grateful for a loving God who goes before me and makes my path straight.  I can't imagine any other way.  

Griff worked Saturday morning (welcome to busy season), and then the girls and I met him for lunch.  After lunch, we visited Lily's gravesite and took the girls to ride the train near the zoo.  Between lunch and the train ride, the temperatures dropped a good 5-10 degrees, and continued dropping pretty rapidly.  Needless to say, we were freeeezing!  It was worth it though, because the girls had fun, and fresh air (even if it's freezing) is always good for the soul.  We ended the day by going to dinner with my parents, and then they came over for a little while.  The girls love having company, so of course, they demanded tutus and music so they could perform for Papa and Meme.  Such a fun family day, and I certainly couldn't think of a better way to remember our sweet angel in heaven.  Happy Heavenly birthday, Lily Grace.  Mommy loves you! y'all have the Waterlogue app?  It takes pictures from your photo album and turns them into watercolor images.  I just downloaded the app today, and I'm kind of obsessed.  And obviously, I will be printing and framing the picture below.  Love.