Friday, February 21, 2014

Harper Turns Two

I kind of have to say it, right....I can't believe she's already two!  I know, I know, so cliche.  But so true!  It seems like just yesterday she was learning to crawl, and now she is speaking in sentences.  Sometimes in her own language, but a sentence is a sentence, right?  Harper is such a joy and keeps us laughing.  She is seriously the funniest baby.  She has the most expressive eyes, and she can speak to you without saying a word.  And drama....oh, the drama!  This child is quite the actress.  If she finds herself with an audience, she will surely perform!

Happy birthday to my sweet Harper Rose.  Mama loves you, baby girl!


  1. Happy 2nd Birthday to your beautiful little sweetie pie! Hope it was a fun and memorable day for your family as you celebrated her! :)

  2. She is the cutest!!! I love seeing all the pics you put up on FB and IG of her. You can tell she has quite the personality!!! Happy Birthday Harper!

    1. Thanks, Hayley! Yes, this girl certainly isn't lacking in the personality department. ;)