Monday, April 16, 2012

The Belated Easter Post

A little late, but couldn't leave it out...

We had a very busy Easter weekend last week.  We were thinking about returning to church, but talked ourselves into waiting because we figured it would be extra crowded, and not an ideal time to take Harper for the first time.  So, our morning was pretty laid back.  Izzy found a bunch of candy, bubbles, and new Thomas trains in her Easter basket (the girl is obessesed with anything Thomas or Cars lately...what??), and Harper ate, slept, and pooped.  Typical morning.

We headed to Nanna and Pop-Pop's house for an egg hunt and lunch.  It started raining during our hunt, so it was pretty quick.  We had some yummy lasagna, and the kids played for a while before we headed home. 
Izzy and KK

Mr. Tyler was not scared of a little rain.  He wanted to go look for more eggs.

Got one!

Sweet cousins watching a movie together

Baby Harper slept through her first Easter egg hunt.  Sweet baby.
The plan was for Izzy to take a nap, and we would chill for a few hours, then head to my aunt and uncle's house for our second celebration.  Well, the electricity in our neighborhood went out while we were gone due to some storms, and because we were rushing out the door as usual, all we had with us was our garage door opener - no key.  Genius move, right?  So, after about 30 minutes of us sitting in our driveway, and hubs walking around the house a few times, hoping a window would unlock itself, we met my mom who had a spare key to our house.  By the time we made it back home, it was time to leave again.  Oh, and the electricity had also turned on by then.  Figures. 

So, we did a 10-minute speed trip through the house - got the girls dressed in their second set of matching outfits, changed diapers, got Harper's bottles, grabbed the desserts we were suppposed to take with us, and we were off to our second egg hunt.  Izzy got a ton of eggs and had a great time playing with all of her cousins, and Harper had people fighting to hold her, as usual. ;)
The crew ready for eggs!

So excited

She likes to inspect each egg as she finds it.  Not the most efficient egg hunter...

I finally remembered to get a family picture at the end of the day.  Humidity had taken its course by that point.

I got a late start on my Easter/Spring decor, so we only got to enjoy it for a week or so, but it was cute while it lasted. 

Outside decor was pretty slim - just some eggs and a little sign.  And a cute little girl in her pajamas.

Hubs did plant some pretty flowers.

Entryway table

My candelabra all jazzed up for Easter

The Spring mantel

I had planned on making a banner similar to this, and then I found this one at Target for $6.99.  Duh, no brainer.

My most recent crafty project, and I'm kind of loving it.  All supplies from Hobby Lobby (except ribbon). I just bought a cheap wooden letter, a grapevine wreath (obviously), and a sheet of moss.  Then I traced and cut the moss to fit the letter, hot glued it into place, painted the back of the letter with green paint to match, and hot glued the finished letter to the wreath.  Easy cheesy, and I love the way it turned out. 
This really doesn't even fit here, but whatev.  This little ditty hails from Tarjay.  I saw it a few months ago and didn't purchase it, and then regretted it.  I didn't see it for awhile, and then I saw that they brought it back at my local store.  I can only assume it was fate that brought us back together, so I had to pull the trigger on the purchase this time.  We are living happily ever after now. 

Hope you all had a happy Easter!