Friday, July 29, 2011

Cabo Trip

Last month, we snuck off to Cabo with our friends, and we all left the babies (and the dogs) behind with the grandparents.  Our first visit to Cabo was last summer, and we loved it so much that we wanted to go again.  This time, we stayed in San Jose Del Cabo instead of Cabo San Lucas.  We spent 5 days there stuffing our faces, working on our tans, sipping on cocktails, taking lots of naps, sharing funny stories, and having a blast.  Enjoy the pics!

The whole group at dinner the first night

us gals

Kelly and Michelle

Josh and Tracy

Janean and David

me and the hubs

boys being boys

I love that it looks as if I have a baby arm growing out of my side in this picture

See those flags?  That means danger.  Security had to come out and yell at Griff not once, but twice for swimming too far out.  Made me a nervous wreck.  Even the little lady selling stuff on the beach was worried about him and told us that it was too dangerous for him to be out that far.  What's even worse is that after he went out, some other guys on the beach assumed it was okay for them to swim out, too.  Wrong.  Griff had to help pull one of them in.  One of his friends came to shore where the girls and I were standing and asked, "Who's married to the bald dude?  He's crazy."  Next year we're going somewhere with calm waters. 

He's all mine, ladies

wouldn't mind a hammock nap about now

We had such a great time with great friends.  Can't wait for our next trip together!

I'll leave you with the perfect summer song - one that makes me want to turn around and go right back to Mexico.

Happy Friday!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Happy Wednesday!

Leopard sunglasses - check!
John Deere phone - check!
Elephant pjs - check!
Bon Jovi hair - check!

By golly, I think it's going to be a great day!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Things I'm Loving

1. Thanks to Pink Lou Lou, whom I regularly stalk, I snagged up this little puppy online at Nordstrom's anniversary sale.
It's the Hobo International Lauren Double Frame Clutch.  My life may never be the same.  I am in love with this thing.  It's a clutch.  It's a wallet.  It holds everything.  It matches everything.  Obsessed. 

2.  This lovely may have also found it's way into my cart.  Oopsies!  I have been wanting a gold watch, and this one was calling my name.  It's much less yellow in person - iphone isn't doing it any favors. 

3. Baby Girl has learned how to say "I love you," and now she loves EVERYONE.  I love Mama!  I love Dada!  I love Bubba/Lane!  I love MeMe!  I love Auntie!  I love Pop Pop/Papa (they sound a lot alike these days)!  I love KK!  I love Nanna!  She is the cutest. 

4. Since we officially opened the playroom up for business, my living room has been staying nice and tidy.  Mission accomplished!

5. I have some very crafty projects lined up with the family, and I am oh so excited to recreate some of my pinterest finds.  Pictures to come!

6. My friend, Kristen, sent me this photo today with the caption, "Thanks to your pinterest obsession, I got crafty today!"  Love it!! 

7. I found this shirt at Target and thought it was hilarious.  I sent hubs a picture of it, and he didn't get it.  Please tell me my sister and I aren't the only ones who used to watch Bob Ross paint a mean landscape.

8. And of course, I'm loving my little bloggy makeover.  Michelle, from Shabby Creations, was so helpful, and her prices are waaay better than some of the other designers I found.  I would highly recommend her if you are looking to freshen things up!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Blessed Be Your Name

Last night was tough. I know my pediatrician would shake his finger at me for this, but I've developed a habit of rocking Izzy to sleep...and then rocking her a lot longer. It's pretty much the only time she is still, and I know she won't let me rock her forever, so to heck with what the doctors say, right? Anyway, she was already fast asleep, and I was reading some blogs on my phone. I came across a blog I had never seen - I noticed from the subtitle that this was a family that had recently lost a baby, so I started reading their story. And then I couldn't stop. And then I lost it.

This past February, their 4-month-old baby, Maddie, died in her sleep. Reading their story brought back so many raw emotions and memories of losing Lily. It brought back so many questions: Why her? Why us? Aren't we good people? I dreaded coming home after Lily passed away because I knew I would have to look at the little matching dresses and hair bows we had purchased for her and Izzy hanging in their closet. I knew we would have to return one of the two cribs we ordered. I dreaded having to delete all the duplicate baby items from our baby registry. But my heart broke for this family who had to walk through their front door and see the mess of toys, the sink full of bottles, the stack of diapers, the dirty laundry, the smell of baby powder, the home where their baby used to play, used to laugh, used to live. I was sad for them. I was angry for them. I was a little sad and angry for me. Holding Izzy in my arms, I couldn't help being sad for her too. I couldn't help wondering what Lily would be like if she were still with us, and what the girls would be like together. Like I said, I lost it.

And then I got the sign I needed. This morning at church, we sang one of my favorite songs, Blessed Be The Name. As I sang along, particularly to these two verses, I felt a little tug on my heart and a lump in my throat.

Blessed be Your name
On the road marked with suffering
Though there's pain in the offering
Blessed be Your name

You give and take away
You give and take away
My heart will choose to say
Lord, blessed be Your name

This was exactly what I needed. It reminded me that Lily was given to us and taken away from us according to the perfect plan of God, and He has great plans for the future of our family. Griff and I made peace with Lily's death a long time ago, but there will always be hard days. How awesome is it that our God is there to comfort us when those days sneak up! I pray that Maddie's parents will find their comfort soon.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Change is a Coming

I've been wanting to give this little blog a makeover for awhile now, and I think it's about time to freshen things up.  Look for a new look, and maybe even a new name, soon.  This url will probably be changing as well.  I will try to give you a heads up, but if you can't find me, I'll be sure to post the new address on FB.  Get excited.

I need a Pintervention

I had to see what all the fuss was about, so I got myself a Pinterest account.  Just as I suspected, I am a total pinning junkie!  In all honesty, I can admit that it is a gigantic time waste, but I recently read something (perhaps on Pinterest) that said something like, "Time spent doing something you enjoy is not wasted."  Not buying it?  Yeah, me neither.  I've got to get it together and stop pinning everything in my path.  But for now, I'll just leave you with some little lovelies I find pinteresting.  See what I did there?

For Izzy:
She will be transitioning to a big girl room soon.  Isn't this precious? 

Adorable handprint projects!

Love this!

What a good idea!

Crafty Things:
Love this!  I've seen this frame at Ikea, but in black.  Thinking this on is a must!

Love, love, love!  I read the tutorial, and the little embelishments are interchangeable for different seasons. 

Cute!!  I actually was all set to make this one, but the Hob Lob was out of the wire wreath.  You let me down, Hob Lob.  You let me down.

Ahhh....loves it!  Apparently I am now obsessed with wreaths. 

Cuter than any teacher gift I ever got. 

Can you tell that I long to be a room mother someday?  In charge of crafts, parties, and snacks?  Yes, please!

People have the cutest ideas.
Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

Stuff for the House:
So cute for Izzy's artwork!

Wish we had room in the playroom for this.

Loved the framed paper/fabric.  Definitely doing this in Izzy's room!

Perfect for our living room.

Mummy dogs!
Source: None via Jennifer on Pinterest

Too bad I found this after the 4th.

Can't wait to try this!  Maybe even with a little nutella...

Cute party favor.

Things that make me laugh:
This perfectly describes my reaction when my doorbell rings and hubs is not home...

My new motto
Source: None via Jennifer on Pinterest


Right on!


I feel like I need one of these in my house.
Source: None via Jennifer on Pinterest

Things I Want.  Like Now.
Can I please have her hair?  Pretty please?
Source: None via Jennifer on Pinterest

Love this ring.
Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

Must. Have. This.  Hubs, are you listening??

Of course I want everything pictured.

I think you can probably all agree that a little intervention isn't such a bad idea. :-/

Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Helper Girl

Recently, whenever I'm making something in the kitchen, Izzy likes to "help."  I let her "help" by prentending to mix up her own make-believe concoction in an empty bowl.  She pulls the step stool over to the counter, and she is just as happy as a clam.  We'll see how long it takes until she starts demanding real ingredients.

The cutest little helper girl in the whole wide world!

She looks so grown up here. 

Pretty sure the health department would shut her down.

And of course, one must wear a sassy apron while in the kitchen.