Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Quick Update

Izzy has officially outgrown her little pink tub that fits in the sink. She is now the proud owner of her very own big-girl ducky tub. Why don't adults have cool stuff like this?

Here she is sporting a faux hawk, and if you look closely, you can see her two sweet little bottom teeth. Izzy's occupational therapist came to the house about a week ago. The only thing that Izzy wasn't doing that she "should" be doing was holding her bottle. The OT wasn't concerned with it, and said if it was something I wanted to push, we could work on it, but if I wasn't concerned, then she wasn't either. Izzy really hadn't shown much interest in it, but I guess she never needed to. I mean, why work for it if mommy will do it for you, right?? Well, tonight, I decided to experiment. I propped her up on a pillow and handed her the bottle. You can see from the picture below that she knew exactly what to do with it! Finished the whole thing all by herself! Now, if I could just get her to use the toilet, clean her room, and wash her own clothes, I'd be set! ;-)

Why is it that babies always go for electronics? Izzy has countless brightly colored toys that play all kinds of music, light up, and talk, but she prefers the remote, laptop, and our cellphones. Luckily, we had an extra remote and an old cellphone that are now her "toys" and she loves them! But don't worry, my 11-month-old will not be getting her own laptop anytime soon!

My sweet girl!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

March for Babies 2010

Dust off your walking shoes. It's time to March for Babies again! As you all know, last year was a crazy one for us. Griff says it was the worst year with the best outcome, and I couldn't agree more. Even though we had many rough days, we now have a healthy baby girl who has completley changed our lives! We can't help feeling the need to "pay it forward," and the best way we know how is to support the organization that supported us, the March of Dimes. Below is our team at last year's walk.

Thanks to those of you who donated to our team and/or walked with us last year, our team, Izzy's Angel, was the second place family team in Tarrant County! We got the plaque below in the mail a few months back. Pretty cool! Griff has his eye on first place this year, so we are asking (okay, begging!) for your help again. ;-) This year's walk is on Saturday, April 17th at Farrington Field (University Dr. in Fort Worth), and we would love for you to join us and help us raise money for babies in need.

This is the first picture we have of Izzy, taken on her birthday. She sure has come along way, huh??? There's no denying the work of the March of Dimes when you look at a photo like this.

Check out the March of Dimes timeline here to see what they've accomplished throughout the years.

One of the things listed is the their research leading to the use of surfactant to treat respiratory distress syndrome, which we are extremely thankful for as it helped to save Izzy's life. Around the second or third week of her life, things were not looking so great. Izzy was getting 100% oxygen from the high-frequency ventilator, but it still was not enough for her weak lungs. Her doctor gave her a few doses of surfacant, and her lungs dramatically improved.

Help us give back by walking with us, donating, or better yet, both, by visiting one of the following links:

Our team website -

Individual websites - or

Taken from the March of Dimes website: When you walk in March for Babies, you give hope to the more than half a million babies born too soon each year. The money you raise supports programs in your community that help moms have healthy, full-term pregnancies. And it funds research to find answers to the problems that threaten our babies. We’ve been walking since 1970 and have raised an incredible $1.8 billion to benefit all babies.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

First My Memory, Now My Eyesight...

So, I have been blaming my lack of memory on "mommy brain" for quite a while now. These days, if I don't write it down, there's a good chance I will forget it. It seems mommyhood has struck again. Or, maybe it's age, but mommyhood is a convenient excuse, so let's go with that. I've gone 28 years without needing glasses or contacts, but it now seems that my eyesight has decided to join my memory on vacation. About a month ago, I started getting a lot of headaches, and was taking tylenol or advil pretty much everyday, which is really unusual for me. I mentioned it to my mom, and she said it could be my eyes, but I didn't really think I was having a hard time seeing. Then a few days later, I went with Griff to pick up his new glasses, and I was complaining about another headache on the way there. I wasn't even thinkning about my eyes, but he suggested that I get them checked while we were there. So, I did, and sure enough, I needed glasses. It's not like I need a seeing eye dog, as the doctor said, but my left eye is weaker than the right, which was straining my eyes, and probably causing the headaches. I've been wearing glasses now for about a month, and I think I'm going to have to end up getting contacts too, and make it full-time. I can tell a big difference now when I take my glasses off, and the headaches have gone away. On another note, I wonder what I would have been blogging about ten years ago. I'm sure it would have been much more exciting than eyeglasses. Man, I'm getting old!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

More Holiday Pics

I know the holidays have passed, but I just had to post these pics. Check out Izzy and her mini-me doll. My mom used to make a lot of clothes for me and my sister, and she made matching dresses for our dolls one year, so she decided to keep the tradition alive with Izzy. In keeping with tradition, she stayed up until 4am the night before Christmas Eve to finish the minature dress. See, I come by procrastinating naturally! ;-)

Look how sweet they are! Thanks, Meme!

Izzy usually pulls off her own bow. Now she has someone else to mess with.

She was the best present this year!
Slippery shoes=baby splits!

Her shirt says Happy New Year!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

10 Months Old!

Have you ever seen a cuter 10-month-old??? I certainly have not! I just realized something...I think I skipped posting her 9-month pic. Oops! It's crazy to think that we only have two more of these monthly pics until Izzy is an entire year old. So, her 10-month tricks include rolling, scooting, and pivoting across the living room floor like a mad woman, putting anything and everything she gets her hands on into her mouth, sitting up like a champ, still blowing raspberries, letting out a few good belly laughs, and she's thisclose to crawling! Oh, and she has two teeth now! She's also becoming a much better sleeper. We've finally found a naptime/bedtime routine that works. Woot Woot!!! It's not magic, but we read her two books, sing two songs, then put her in her bed with her little musical seahorse gloworm thing, and she's good to go. The song plays for 5 minutes, and she's usually out before it ends. She's never been a marathon napper, but she's taking hour long naps now, which is waaaayy better than before. The nights are usually pretty good (sleeps about 12 hours), but she still has a few bad nights here and there...don't ya just love teething!