Wednesday, January 13, 2010

10 Months Old!

Have you ever seen a cuter 10-month-old??? I certainly have not! I just realized something...I think I skipped posting her 9-month pic. Oops! It's crazy to think that we only have two more of these monthly pics until Izzy is an entire year old. So, her 10-month tricks include rolling, scooting, and pivoting across the living room floor like a mad woman, putting anything and everything she gets her hands on into her mouth, sitting up like a champ, still blowing raspberries, letting out a few good belly laughs, and she's thisclose to crawling! Oh, and she has two teeth now! She's also becoming a much better sleeper. We've finally found a naptime/bedtime routine that works. Woot Woot!!! It's not magic, but we read her two books, sing two songs, then put her in her bed with her little musical seahorse gloworm thing, and she's good to go. The song plays for 5 minutes, and she's usually out before it ends. She's never been a marathon napper, but she's taking hour long naps now, which is waaaayy better than before. The nights are usually pretty good (sleeps about 12 hours), but she still has a few bad nights here and there...don't ya just love teething!

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