Sunday, December 27, 2009

Izzy's First Christmas

I can’t believe Izzy’s first Christmas has already come and gone! Since she is such a special baby girl, I thought it was perfectly fitting that her first Christmas was a white one…so cool!

We made our way to three family Christmas celebrations in addition to a small one with Griff’s family at our house on Christmas Day, and Isabelle is officially spoiled (as if she wasn’t already). We haven’t been taking her many places, so many of her cousins met her for the first time over the holidays, and she had a blast with all of them.

Izzy is talking to Nanny

And laughing with Paw
Griff and Trent got a special Christmas present from Uncle Johnny this year. ;-) Very funny!
Izzy liked it too!

Here's a present just her size!Izzy with her loot from Papa and Meme's house. She was asleep for presents over there, so Meme wanted a picture of her with all of her goodies.

This holiday season was a little bittersweet for us because as excited as we were to celebrate with Isabelle, we couldn’t help missing Lily and imagining how much fun the girls would be having together now. We visited the cemetery and got a picture of our two little angels, one in Heaven and one on Earth. Papa and Meme had been to visit Lily’s grave a few days before us and left her some presents. So sweet!

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  1. love the picture of izzy with all of her goodies!! and what a sweet pic at the cemetery. i've been thinking about you guys.