Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I ran my first half-marathon on November 15 in San Antonio, and aside from two black toenails, I survived. It was a bit harder (okay, a lot harder) than I had imagined, and the first words out of my mouth upon crossing the finish line were, “Never again.” I did really well until mile 10, and then I started getting a little worried. Mile 10 is where the course splits, and the full-marathon runners and half-marathon runners part ways. I remember thinking there was absolutely no way that I would be able to run 16 MORE miles at that point like the marathon runners. I was lucky I only had 3 left because I was running out of steam! I finished what I started, but it wasn't pretty. At one point, my goal for this race was to finish alive, so goal accomplished! It’s funny how quickly you forget pain. Somewhere between San Antonio and home, I talked myself into the possibility of doing another half-marathon in February. This time my goal will be to finish alive and under a certain time (haven’t decided on the time yet). Our friend Janean took some pictures during the race, but she didn’t get any of me. I'm guessing she had a hard time catching me because I’m just too fast. ;-)

Run Griff Run! Griff has always been the easiest person to spot in pictures. His newly bald head makes it even easier. ;-)

Do you see Griff in the pack of runners on the right??? They are about to cross the finish line, and the dude on the left is about to finish his FULL-marathon at the same time - both races started at the same time. That's just craziness!

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