Monday, September 21, 2009


We went to see Izzy’s ophthalmologist today, and her eyes still look great. In fact, Dr. Norman said from her exam, it’s hard to see that she ever had surgery…praise God for that! He also said he isn’t sure that she’ll ever even need glasses. This is great news, since we just kind of figured that would be a given. If she does end up needing them, I’m sure I can find some pretty snazzy frames for her sweet face!

Onto other big events….we’ve introduced solid foods! Izzy has been getting rice cereal for a few weeks now, and I started her on carrots yesterday. She is a very impatient eater, and very much prefers her bottle to the spoon, but she did great with her carrots tonight. We’ll see what she thinks about peas in a few days. Oh, the excitement!


  1. Praise God is the true.
    She looks great in orange
    can't wait for green!!!!!
    Love to all
    auntie Karen

  2. She's so "young" for solids! What an accomplishment for that cutie!

  3. So sweet! I love how happy and healthy Izzy looks...thanks for sharing. :) Now, if I can just find out where you get all of those great big bows...Alexandra needs some of those!

  4. Thanks everyone!

    Jill - I'm so happy you found us! Thanks for the sweet comment. The bows...LOVE them...most of them came from Kid 2 Kid, but I'm going to start making them for her. The bows she wore in the pics with her cousins are homemade.