Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Eye See, Eye See

We went to see Izzy’s eye doctor yesterday, and she got a great report. Doc said both eyes look fantastic, and we don’t need to go back for four weeks. Sounds like we’ll see him once a month for the next two months. After that, we should be able to space out appointments further. It is quite a production to get this little girl out the door. First of all, she is on oxygen, which requires us to take a little travel tank everywhere we go. Because of the oxygen, she has a pulse/ oxygen monitor on her foot, and lastly, she has an apnea monitor that she wears around her chest. So, wherever Izzy goes, her oxygen tank and two monitors, with their constantly tangled cords follow. She looks like a puppet on strings. She’s a very sweet puppet though, and hopefully it won’t be for too much longer.

We did have a little more stress than normal added to our day yesterday. Isabelle choked during two of her feedings yesterday, causing her heart rate to drop low enough to set off her monitors. She didn’t turn blue or anything like she used to do in the hospital, but we are very concerned that she may still be aspirating. We are already doing everything we can do to thicken her food, so if she is still aspirating, the next step may be to get a feeding tube. We called her pedi after the second spell yesterday, and they said since we already have a weight check appointment tomorrow morning, just watch her today, and they’ll check her out tomorrow. She already has a second swallow study scheduled at Cook Children’s, but it isn’t until September. Hopefully her doctor will be able to get us in sooner. I have mixed feelings about the swallow study. If it shows she’s still aspirating, we could be looking at surgery. As much as that scares me, she could end up getting pneumonia from aspirating, if that’s the problem. So, feedings are still super stressful around here. She’s done much better today, so I’m praying that yesterday was just an off day. She did get eye drops to dilate her eyes before her exam yesterday, and she has reacted badly to those drops in the NICU, so maybe that’s what the problem was. Hopefully her doctor will have some thoughts on this tomorrow.

Isabelle still isn’t in love with her bassinet, but we’ll keep trying. She slept from 11pm – 9am, only waking to eat last night, but I’m embarrassed to admit that all that sleeping was done on the couch...on her Mommy and Daddy’s chest. She’s been awake ALL day today, so maybe this means she will sleep tonight??? Fingers crossed…

The point of changing to this blog was to have a family blog instead of just an Isabelle blog, but as you can imagine, she’s our world right now, and I have a feeling that won’t change anytime soon. ;-) I’m sure you guys don’t mind. We all know who the star of the family is….Miss Izzy!!!


  1. Ooh Izzy - once you find out how comfy your bed is you will love it. I promise. I didn't like those small beds either, but my big bed is great - go ahead try it. Also, maybe your Mommy will get you one of those beds that goes in the middle of her bed - I think you might like that because you can still see, smell, and Mommy can touch you. I would love one, but my Mom said no. I guess I ruined my chances of getting in Mommy's bed since I sleep well in my own - I should have thought about that earlier.

    Glad your eye appoinment went well - I knew it would. Soon you won't have to go back for a long time. I have to go to "Preemie Weight Watchers" tomorrow too - and like you - I hope I gained enough weight to please my pedi. She is very nice but wants me fat!! I hope to start cereal too - I hear that it might help my reflux issue. That would be nice - since that stuff burns bad. I think it also helps you sleep better - hey maybe you need some! I will let you know if it works. If it does I will come sneak you some - we are going to do this on the low down - kinda like the NICU all over again.

    Hope you sleep tonight my friend. Call me later!


  2. I love your new blog. It's a good way for a nanna to get a few details. Isabelle is such a miracle, she has changed the way I look at life. I'm certain God has a great purpose for her life, and something special for everyone whose life she touches.