Friday, July 3, 2009

Hookah Lounge

Isabelle’s appointment went well on Wednesday. Dr. Worsley was very happy with how her lungs sounded, so we can cut back on the breathing treatments, or as Griff and I like to call them, Izzy’s hookah lounge. Surprisingly, she doesn’t mind the hookah lounge. We do it right after she eats, so she is content just to chill and breathe in the medicine.

We were also relieved to hear that Izzy’s doc wasn’t too concerned with her choking episodes. He says all babies choke occasionally, and their heart rate may even drop for an instant, but since they are not hooked up to a monitor, we’d never know. Hopefully we won’t be slaves to the monitors much longer. In fact, Isabelle has been O2-free for almost two hours this morning, and is doing well. We fully expect to have to give her back her O’s at some point today, but someday soon she’ll be able to give them up for good. That will be a good day!

Little Miss now weighs 7 pounds 10 ounces. Dr. Worsley was pleased with her gain, but still wants us to come in every week and a half or so for weigh-ins until she’s nice and chunky. Our good friend Emily refers to these weigh-ins as “Weight Watchers for Preemies.” So, our next WW meeting is next Friday. We’ll keep you posted…

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