Monday, July 20, 2009

New Photos

Our amazing photography friends have struck again. Those of you who followed our CaringBridge site will remember Niji and Lali, the friends of friends who graciously offered to take photos of Izzy during her NICU stay. They came to the hospital twice to capture precious moments, so we thought it was only fitting that they also take our first family photos. Niji came out to the house a few weeks ago and got some great shots. You can find the proofs at, click on proofing, select Isabelle, and the password is miracle. Thanks Niji and Lali!!!


  1. Gorgeous! So many of them are keepers...deciding which one to hang on the wall will be the hardest part!

  2. Hi Babb Family! It's the Cobb Quad checking in! Izzy is beautiful! I love reading about her adventures! Keep working on the sleeping during the night. It will happen!