Monday, July 13, 2009

No More O’s…Can It Be So?

Well, if you have followed Isabelle’s progress since she was born, you know that her lungs have been very weak from the beginning. When Isabelle was born, things actually started pretty well. She was only requiring about 25% oxygen and was on a conventional ventilator. Things went downhill over the next few weeks. Isabelle went from the regular ventilator to two high frequency ventilators (the Jet and the Oscillator). At one point Isabelle was on 100% oxygen on one of the high frequency ventilators, which was obviously a very scary day b/c there weren’t many additional options.

A few weeks later things started to get better, and Isabelle was able to move back to the conventional ventilator and then to the Bubble CPAP. She was on the Bubble for over six weeks, but it seemed like so much longer! Isabelle moved from the Bubble to the High Flow Cannula and then to just the regular cannula. When Isabelle left the NICU she still needed some oxygen support, so we have a beautiful tank in our living room and several small tanks to take with us if we leave the house.

As you can see, the oxygen journey has been a long one! Isabelle’s doctor wanted us to start to wean her off the oxygen when we got home. We did this a little bit at a time and on Tuesday (7/7/09) we gave Isabelle another shot off the oxygen. I guess she decided she was sick and tired of having stuff all over her face…so she has been breathing cannula free since then! Can you believe it? It is very nice and gives us much more freedom, even if that freedom is just taking Izzy to different rooms in our house. We have basically been confined to the living room since we have gotten home, so it is very nice just walking around the house with Isabelle whenever we want. We’re taking her to the pulmonologist on Friday, and we’re hoping he will discontinue the oxygen and pulse-oximeter all together. He’s going to be so proud of Izzy. I know we are!!!

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  1. Izzy My Girl - I am so proud of you. No O's - way to go's! You will love walking around your house - it is so much fun to look at all the stuff you can get into later. That part excites me - I can't wait until we can crawl and zip around the house watching them tall folks chase after us.

    Guess what - I go to our lung guy on Friday also!! Do you think we might run into each? Maybe we can plan to. Have your people call my people!

    Loads of love to you - way to go with no o's


    Lots of love to you