Thursday, April 29, 2010

NICU Reunion

Izzy’s NICU reunion was last weekend. It was so cool to see all of the nurses and doctors who took such excellent care of her. Looking back, it is hard to believe that we were able to walk out of that hospital without her every night for 16 weeks and 2 days. Well, 1) we had no choice, and 2) we were so confident in the ability of the Harris NICU staff, and we knew that our baby was in very capable hands. We are forever grateful for them! There was a great turnout, way more babies and families than I expected, but it was a lot of fun. Everyone was so surprised at how BIG Izzy has gotten. She was passed around quite a bit, and just about everyone who held her said something along the lines of, “What are you guys feeding this kid?!?” ;-) We also enjoyed getting to see all of Izzy’s old roomies and being in the midst of God’s precious little miracles. The reunion started at 10:00, which is Izzy's naptime, so I was expecting a cranky baby, but she did great. She even made it through lunch afterward without a meltdown.

Izzy with Dr. Miao, her original Neonatologist. He's such a great doctor, and he was always very patient with our gazillion questions.

With Nurse Ashley - she loves our Izzy and we love her!

Nurse Kara - so sweet! she took care of Izzy toward the end of her stay

Nurse Linda - she fed Izzy her first bottle, and if I remember correctly, gave Izzy her first "tub" bath. Izzy is checking out her credentials.

RT Debbie - Izzy has forgiven Miss Debbie for stretching out her nostrils with the
bubble cpap. ;-)

Nurse Melissa - she worked the night shift, and I'm pretty sure is partly to blame for my baby not sleeping for the first month she was home. Melissa spoiled her rotten by singing and rocking her. I'm glad somebody was spoiling her when we couldn't be there. ;-) Doesn't Izzy look happy to see her. I think she is in mid-clap.

Nurse Lydia - she was a regular in room 5, where we spent a LOT of time, so we got to know her well. Love Miss Lydia!

Sweet little Emily and her mommy, Crystal, who made E's entire outfit. I didn't get her fancy little jeans in the picture.

Little Miss Hadley and her mommy, Becca. Notice both Emily and Hadley still tolerate their big bows and headbands. My baby, notsomuch! And apparently, she doesn't pose for pictures either. She was way too busy to look at the camera.

The triple threat. Olivia, Elia, and Bianca. Aren't they adorable?!?

The lone boy in the post is Mr. Leighton. He's such a little cutie!

She loved the balloons!

Nurse Karen is tracing Izzy's handprint to hang on the wall. So sad I didn't get a pic of Karen with Izzy. She is such a sweetheart!

She wasn't so sure about bobbin' for duckies

I love having a little girl to dress up!


  1. Looks like a fun event and I'm so happy you're able to celebrate with all of them. Love the toe nail polish!

    Also, can I ask what kind of camera you use? Your pictures are awesome!

  2. Thanks, Leah! We have a Nikon D80. Griff would have to tell you about the lenses we use, since I'm just a point and click kind of girl. A lot of the pictures are the blog are edited using Photoshop Elements.

    I just found your London blog yesterday. I love it! Looks like you guys are having a blast! And it looks like you're getting pretty good at photography yourself. What a great place to learn! Take care!