Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Let the (CVS) Games Begin

I finally made it to CVS, and I am definitely hooked! I never shopped there before because, to be honest, their prices aren't great if you don't use coupons. But, if you know what you're doing with coupons and you use the Extra Care Bucks you earn, you can score some great deals. Last week, I made my first CVS purchase to start the ECB game (I know I told you about two other trips I had planned, but I never got around to those...what else is new?) Anywho, I wasn't too impressed with my initial purchase. Not bad, but I didn't walk away thinking I got a great deal.

I purchased all of this for around $40 (can't remember exactly), and walked away with around $12 ECBs for future purchases. (that's Maybelline eye shadow and lipstick up front)

Sidenote - why do I keep buying candy??? Seriously, somebody stop me! I keep thinking I'll just put it up for Halloween since it's on sale (I got the candy corn free, and the others were .77 cents each), but who am I kidding?? Candy does not last that long in my house.

THEN....this week, I got this for....drumroll, please................................

.................96 cents!!!

The Revlon lipstick was $6.99 alone! I also earned $12 ECBs for next week. I'm addicted, and clearly, very easily entertained.

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  1. Yes, it is very addicting, and a great way to fulfill the shopping need without breaking the bank!