Friday, September 10, 2010

Shame on Me

The adorably sweet and talented Jill Fair sent me this pillowcase dress she made so that I could raffle it off or sell it as a 3-Day fundraiser. How precious is this dress???

So, what do I do with her selfless act of kindness and generousity? I keep it for Izzy. Yes, you read correctly. I am keeping the dress for Izzy. I'm an awful person, I know. I'm sorry, but it is just too cute. And with the Stock Show coming up in a few months, all I can think about is how adorable this will be on Izzy with some leggings and boots, and I just can't handle it. Don't you worry though - I just made an online donation so that I wouldn't feel guilty about being so selfish. Yes, I donated to myself, but whatev...

Thank you, Jill!


  1. Where can I get myself one?!?! I would have bid on it for your fundraiser, but oh...wait....that's not an option huh? :) Does she make these and sell them? I NEED ONE.

  2. Ok, now I really feel bad! ;-) I've emailed Jill to see if she is selling them. I'll let you know as soon as I hear back.

  3. Ha!!! Love it! And Izzy will look SUPER cute.