Monday, March 28, 2011

Thirty Shmirty

I've been a member of the 30's club for almost a month now, but I'm just now getting around to this post. I actually handled turning thirty better than I thought I would, and so far, so good...

My birthday fell on a Friday, but we celebrated on Saturday. Griff did a great job with my birthday plans this year. He planned a fun day for me and a few friends, and it was supposed to be a surprise until my plans were going to interfere with the surprise, and I unintentionally forced him to spill the beans. Oopsie. :-/ So, on Saturday morning Griff took Izzy to spend the day with his parents before he went to work, and I met my girlfriends for manis, pedis, lunch, and shopping. Fun fun!!

Katie talked us all into buying Sanuk sandals. If you haven't tried them on, you must! The soles are made out of yoga mats and they feel like heaven. We found a Griff-size flip flop on the way out and had to get a picture with it. On Saturday night, a big group of us wen to Cantina Laredo for my birthday dinner. Things were all fine and dandy, and then out comes the cake... My super talented ex-friend (kidding), Tracy, made this: Do you think he's laughing at the rocking sweater I'm wearing or my killer mullet? I can't put all of the blame on Tracy though. After all, this must have been Griff's idea, and my sister worked to get the picture from my mom, so as you can see, there is a long list of people to blame. Paybacks are hell, people. Watch your back.

After dinner drinks. Good times.

As an added bonus, I scored some great gifts this year. My sweet baby girl gave me a gift certificate for a massage, and Griff listened very well this year and gave me shopping money. Other gifts from family and friends included money, another massage certificate, a year of candles gift set, some sweet new kicks, cute pajamas, a fun wine glass, a bottle of bubbly, a new scarf, some super cute clothes, some yummy smelling Bath and Body Works stuff, a really pretty necklace, and a Starbucks gift card. I'd say it was a great birthday! Bring it on, 30's. You don't scare me.

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