Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Birthday Fun

This is a big time of year for birthdays around here.  Harper and Izzy are 5 days apart, February 21st and 26th, and I turned the big 3-2 on Monday.  At least we made it easy for hubs to remember them.  Last weekend, the girls had a joint birthday party at Pump it Up.  It was the easiest party ever - I literally showed up with party supplies still in my Party City bag, handed them over the the girl at the front desk, and wrote a check.  They set everything up, and I didn't have to mess with a thing.  Worth every pretty penny.  I don't know how long the girls will let me get away with this double birthday thing, but I'm going to milk it as long as I can.  It would really be silly to have separate parties at this point, because we'd be inviting the same people to two separate parties, just a few days apart.  Everything went really smoothly until it was time for presents, and then it got a little crazy.  Two kiddos opening gifts at the same was a lot to take in, but we survived.  This two-for-one thing ain't so bad. Prepare yourself for lots of photos...

Harper loved sliding with Daddy

The motley crew - I promise they were having fun

My biggest fear has come to dreading the day this happens for real

She is thisclose to walking

We tried to dress her in jeggings like Harper's, but as you can see, she had other plans.  Who am I to argue with a tutu (even if it doesn't match) at a princess themed party?

My awesome friend, Tracy, from Southern Baking Company, outdid herself once again!  Aren't these adorable!

She also made each of the girls their own personal cake.  Love!
It's a shame they didn't get any presents

Such a big girl.  Tear. :(

Eye on the prize

Sweet girl!

Harper has the funniest facial expressions

I think she looks so beautiful in this picture

....and this was the very next photo

The cake was a hit

Harper was not a fan of the big chair

The beginning of the chaos

Love my family

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