Monday, November 23, 2009


I'm way behind on this, but here are pics of our Halloween costumes from last month. Griff and I were characters in a murder mystery party that my cousin hosted the night before Halloween. My character was Bonnie Sue, a tattoo artist, and Griff played Billy Bob Montana, a sleezy mechanic (I know not all mechanics are sleezy, but this one was). The murder mystery was a bit of a train wreck, but the party was still a success. Thanks Billy and Cass!!!

Halloween was pretty low-key, which is pretty typical for us. We dressed Izzy up as the cutest little Tinkerbelle you ever did see and took her to my parents' house. Considering we only made one stop, she made out like a bandit. Other aunts and cousins had sent over little goodie bags of candy and toys for her, and Meme and Auntie hooked her up with some super cute outfits. If I knew clothes were going to be involved, you better believe I would have been dressed up to trick or treat right along with Izzy. ;-) She had a great first Halloween, and I can't wait for next year! Hopefully Izzy will have a better idea of what the heck is going on. Another plus about next year...maybe she will actually be able to consume a small amount of the candy she gets. Griff and I took that task on ourselves this year, and our jeans did not thank us. ;-)


  1. You and Griff look awesome! And Izzy...oh my goodness...she is adorable.

  2. LOVE your costumes!!! Those pants!!! But where are your tattoos?!

  3. Thanks, ladies!!

    Amelia - the pants were a steal at a thrift store a few years back. They seen two halloweens since then. ;-) It's hard to tell in the pic, but I had a tattoo sleeve on, a neck tattoo, and one on the other arm.