Friday, September 24, 2010

My DVR Runneth Over

I'm so happy that all my tv shows are back, but I must admit that I'm slightly embarrassed by my extensive DVR list. Before you judge, let me first say that I am fully aware that I have a serious problem. Like a moth to a flame, I am attracted to trashy tv, and I just can't help it. Without further ado, here's the list in no particular order:

1. Brothers and Sisters

2. Desperate Housewives

3. Modern Family

4. The Bachelor/Bachelorette

5. Dancing With the Stars (I fast forward quite a bit on this one, and don't even mess with the results show most of the time)

6. Last Comic Standing (Where did this show go?)

7. Hoarders (We aren't very good at keeping up with this one and Intervention, but they're good when we're bored.)

8. Intervention

9. Grey's Anatomy (So out of the loop on this show. I don't even know why Izzie left the show, but I caught the season-finale replay last week, and got sucked back in...hate it when that happens!)

10. Jersey Shore

11. Biggest Loser (having a fast forward option is cruicial for this show...I can't deal with 2-hour episodes!)

12. Project Runway

13. The Office

14. Community (stopped watching mid-season last year, but I'm giving it another shot)

15. Oprah (I'm kind of over her, but it's the last season, and I feel an obligation to watch, or at least sort through and watch the good ones)

16. Real Housewives (All of them. I do not discriminate against housewives.)

17. & 18. Teen Mom & Real World (I don't actually record these, however, I do watch them On Demand. Somehow, I think that makes it less embarrassing.)

A few that are not on the schedule, but are dangerously close to making the cut:

1. Keeping up with the Kardashians (No need to record this one because it's ALWAYS on E.)

2. The Rachel Zoe Project (She annoys me to no end, and I can't stand that she has major meltdowns over *gasp* clothes, but I do find myself repeating her little catch phrases...shut the front door, bananas, major, literally (pronounced litrally), etc...)

3. & 4. Mad Men & 30 Rock (I've never seen either of these, but my friend says they are a must)

What shows are worthy of your DVR?


  1. Always remember the name of this blog.

  2. No worries, Nanna. I live deeply in each moment of every Real Housewives episode. ;-)

  3. Jen you r too funny. I am currently taping the office and grey's. Not sure I will stick with grey's.

  4. Just The Office and Grey's, Katie??? Oh, the freedom... ;-)

  5. Okay, so funny. I gave up on Grey's a couple years back, and it was so freeing! :) For some crazy reason, I can't stop recording Desperate Housewives.... Also on the list, The Office, Community, Modern Family, Cougar Town (you should give that one a whirl, Jen), Rules of Engagement, The Good Wife (love it), and a few of the crime shows, and I'm trying out a couple of new shows... Thank goodness for the DVR or I'd never get to watch that many shows!! I used to watch DWTS and The Biggest Loser, but I didn't watch last season. I got a little carried away eating ice cream during BL, so I had to stop. This comment is now about as long as a blog. Maybe I should just keep going... We watched Last Comic Standing. Wasn't that on at the beginning of the summer, or am I imagining things? Oh, and I'll be watching American Idol, I'm sure. Another one that I just can't stop... but thank goodness for the ffw button in that one as well. I'll stop now. This is getting embarrassing. OH, ONE more thing. I think we'll be dedicating our children in the same service this weekend. Fun! Hopefully nobody at church reads this - haha!

  6. Love your comments, Amelia! It's a blog within a blog. ;-) I feel ya on Desperate Housewives. I knew it was time to say goodbye to that show a few years ago, but I can't bring myself to stop watching. We did watch Last Comic this summer, but it seemed like a very watered down version of what the show used to be. And before this summer, it seems like it was MIA for a while. Or maybe I just had a life then. I gave Cougar Town a try, but I just can't see Courtney Cox as anyone other than Monica. Typecasting ruined it for me. I've never seen The Good Wife, and I'm afraid if I do, it will get added to the list. It's a slippery slope...

    How cool about the kids being in the same church dedication! The early service, right? Can't wait!! And so funny about us getting busted on our tv habits. ;-)

  7. Yes, I agree on all of that about LCS. I heard of another show we may need to watch... TLC's Sister Wives. Slippery slope...
    :) And yes, the early service - fun!!