Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Paw's Little Cowgirl

My Papaw (whose name has been shortened to "Paw" by his great-grandchildren) is very talented, and he made one of these adorable rocking horses for all of his grandchildren to pass on to their kids. Izzy's horse has been in her room ever since she came home from the hospital, and she is just now starting to notice it. Whenever we are in her room, she'll walk up to the horse and try to get on it. Griff brought it into the living room the other day for her, and he got some sweet pictures of her with Paw's horse. And, yes, this was a day that Mommy was away and Daddy was in charge, which would explain the fact that Izzy is wearing pajamas in the middle of the day and her hair is out of control. Now, if I could just remember to get these pictures printed for Paw (because we all know the last thing you'll find and Nanny and Paw's house is a computer, especially one with an internet connection) and take them over to him, it would make his day. We also have a beautifully made potty chair waiting for Miss Priss whenever she's ready to give up the Pampers. I'm not holding my breath...


  1. Firstly, how stinkin cute is that horse! It is beautiful. What a total treasure.

    Secondly, you should be proud of hubs for having clothing of any sort on your child. I mean, half the time Bobby has Cailyn in just a jammie shirt and a diaper.

    Thirdly, no matter what she's doing or wearing, she's gorgeous!

  2. Thanks for the sweet comment, Kristen. And you're right. I guess pajamas are better than no clothes at all. ;-)