Friday, March 23, 2012

Harper's First Month

I feel like I've just been treading water lately, trying to stay afloat, and I've finally got the shore in my sights!  I could have easily changed the title of this blog to The Crazy Life, The Chaotic Life, The Sleepless Life, etc., etc., but I think the most appropriate title for this past month would be The Blessed Life.  Yes, it's been crazy.  Yes, it's been busy.  Yes, we are sleep deprived.  But don't think for a second that we don't see this new baby who has joined our family for what she is...a gift.  God has blessed us with this child.  She is perfect.  She is ours.  And we couldn't love her more. 

Our hearts were opened to the idea of adoption immediately after Izzy was born.  I won't sugar coat it.  It was a struggle to get pregnant, a struggle to stay pregnant, and a struggle for Izzy to stay alive.  It was scary.  Obviously, we wouldn't change a thing, but we certainly wouldn't want to relive that time in our lives.  Adoption was a decision that came easily and naturally for us.  We just wanted another baby to love, and let's be makes a family, not DNA. 

Hubs and I went to an adoptive family orientation last May, and we applied shortly after.  Next came lots of paperwork, background checks, and a home study.  It took awhile to complete all of that, and we got our official approval letter in late September.  We were told that the typical wait time, from approval to baby, is 13-17 months, so we were extremely surprised to be chosen and matched with birth parents after only 4 months.  We only had about a month to prepare before Harper's arrival, but we were so excited to meet her!  We had the pleasure of meeting both of her biological parents, and I even got to attend one of the last prenatal appointments.  We brought her home when she was two days old, and we just couldn't have asked for a better, more positive adoption experience.

Harper is doing great, and has stolen all of our hearts.  Her big sister, Izzy, is completely smitten.  She has adjusted so well to having a baby sister.  She is always giving her kisses, holding her hand, and saying, "I love her."  Melts this mama's heart!  Harper is such a sweet, mostly mellow baby.  This experience has been so different than the first time around.  It's been a smoother adjustment.  Obviously Harper is much healthier than Izzy was, so that makes a huge difference.  But I also think hubs and I are more relaxed and confident as parents, so we aren't freaking out over every little thing.  I haven't had to call the doctor once with Harper, and I probably had about 25 calls into his nurses by this time with Izzy.  Ya live and ya learn, right? ;-)

Harper was one month old on the 21st, so we took her first monthly pictures.  Look how precious my sweet baby daughter is!
We'll track her growth with this sweet little giraffe.

I know I'm her mama, but she is just precious!

Sweet baby

Look who else wanted her picture taken?  Too bad she doesn't cooperate like this when we are actually trying to take pictures of her.  She was hanging out in this shirt and pull-ups, with no pants and messy hair.  Lesson learned.  I'll dress her up and fix her hair next month.  Watch, then she won't want anything to do with the camera.  Stinker!

The sibling rivalry has begun.  I have a feeling this photo is indicative of many years to come. ;-)

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