Friday, November 22, 2013

Five on Friday

Ummm, let's not even discuss the ridiculous lack of blogging in these parts, the fact that, as I type this, my only view of the computer screen is through the afro of the clingly little lady who has attached herself to my lap today, or that I feel like I've been hit by a mac truck and my head might explode at any second.  No, let's not talk about any of that.  Let's just pretend like all of that is not actually happening and imagine that my children are sleeping, I'm sitting in a cozy little chair in a quiet, lamp-lit room, wearing adorable, freshly-washed pajamas with clean hair and make-up (always - duh!  #notreally #whatwouldthatbelike), listening to Christmas music and sipping Starbucks as I type.  Mmmmkay?

Linking up with Five on Friday again this week!  

ONE -  I'm obsessed with these Thomas Limited Edition English Muffins.  They are so good, and I am so scared they are going to be gone everytime I go to the store that I stock up and freeze them (as you can see from the Pumpkin Spice package).  Is this normal?  Yeah, probably not.  I eat them toasted with fat free strawberry cream cheese on the cranberry and just a little butter on the pumpkin one.  So good.  If you haven't tried them, you must stock up.  Just stay away from my grocery store.  Trust me, it will get ugly.  ;)

TWO - Last weekend, my girlfriends and I took our second annual girls' trip to Fredericksburg, and we had the best time!  I live for these kind of care-free weekends full of fun, laughter, wine, and maybe a little dancing to Kenny Rogers.  Don't judge.  
Clearly, we were a little aggressive with our beverage planning.  Oh, and I sure did get my first bee sting about 30 min after arriving in F-burg.  On my neck.  So hot.  

We met a new friend at one of the stops on our wine tour.

THREE - While I was gone, hubs was out working on his father-of-the-year status.  His weekend with our little ladies included a Fresh Beat Band concert, Pumpkins and Pancakes at the zoo, and a family lunch at his parents house.  Who does he think he is?  Seriously, our girls are so blessed to have such a hands-on daddy. I love that he loves spending time with them.  
What a sweet little crew!

How adorable is that?  I die.

Put Izzy on a train (any train), and you've got a happy little lady.
FOUR - Harper was getting very attached to her paci, so we have been trying to limit it for just sleeping.  It's been working pretty well for the most part, and the best thing is she has been talking SO much more.  She is such a smart little girl.  I have been trying forever to get a video of her talking, but unfortunately she is cuter than she is cooperative.  I finally got her to say a few words on video the other day.  Watch this and try not to die of cuteness.

FIVE - I babysat for my friend last night, and the kids had a blast.  Her kiddos asked for their pajamas around 8:00, but Izzy, aka Fancy Nancy, insisted she was perfectly comfortable.  This kid cracks me up. 

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