Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Family Vaca 2013

Our little family went to Disneyland at the end of October, and we had the best time.  It was something we had talked about for quite a while, but finally planned and booked just a few months ago.  We decided not to tell Izzy about it - the original plan was to tell her the morning of, but we decided the night before might be a better idea since she's not exactly known for her pleasant early-morning attitude.  Plus, we were dying to tell her.  As you can imagine, she was super excited! 

My cuties ready for take off in their new Minnie was early.  Don't judge.

My sweet girl is finally a pretty decent traveler

Can't say the same for her little sister.  Good thing she slept a big chunk of the flight.

We went to Disney World when Izzy was 2.5, and we loved it.  This was our first trip to Disneyland, and we pretty much went for Cars Land.  Izzy (and Harper, too) LOVES Cars.  I think it's adorable, and I don't know how long her obsession with it will last, so we wanted to take her to Cars Land while she was still really into it.  It did not disappoint.  We literally could have spent our entire 4 days in Cars Land, and the girls wouldn't have complained one bit.  It was so fun watching their excitement.  Harper was very excited to see Lightning McQueen.  She pointed and said, "Ka-Chow!"  It was just as adorable as it sounds.  

Izzy was in Cars heaven!

The tractor ride was her absolute favorite.  We rode it several times.

It was so fun watching her reaction


Wiped out!

We got a pass so Izzy could ride this back to back with both of us while the other stayed with Harper.  She went with daddy first, and decided it was too fast for her.  So, obviously I rode it by myself...  I felt like a creeper, but I'd totally do it again.  So fun!

Flo's V8 Cafe serves a pretty good breakfast

I should point out that hubs and I are not typical Disney-goers.  From what I've heard/read, people spend up to an entire year planning their Disney vacation, scheduling every minute of their day, making reservations for character dinners, etc.  We are pretty much the opposite of all that.  Both times we've been to Disney, we've bought our tickets about two months in advance, never scheduled a single thing, and instead just went with a very laid-back attitude.  And you know what, it works for us.  We just go and have fun.  And we even got lucky in Disneyland and were able to get a last minute reservation to have lunch with the princesses.  So, what we've learned here is that it pays to be unprepared.  Wait, what?

The princess lunch was a last minute thing, which explains why my children are not in their finest princess gear.  ;)

No personality, this one.  

She loves her some princesses

I made Griff take them on any ride that looked like this and went in circles.  Just watching them made me want to puke.

We really enjoyed Disneyland.  It is quite a bit smaller than Disney World (2 parks as opposed to 4), but for the age of our kiddos (1 and 4), I thought it was great.  Of the two Disneyland parks, California Adventure park was our favorite.  Mostly because it had more stuff geared to our kids - Cars Land, Disney Junior show, Little Mermaid ride, etc.  So, we had 4 days of vacation, and we decided to spend 1 day at Disneyland, 2 days at Disneyland's California Adventure Park, and 1 day at the San Diego Zoo.  The day at the zoo required a bit of a drive - about an hour and 45 min each way - but it was a nice drive and we had an ocean view for most of it.  It was my second trip to the San Diego Zoo (I went once in high school), but Griff and the girls' first trip, and we had a great day.  We could have easily spent two days there.  There were a few things we didn't have time to get to - the Panda Bears had a line with an hour wait....what the what?!?  I'd love to visit San Diego again with the family.

Look at those sweet buddies!

We had such a great time, and really squeezed in as much fun as we possibly could.  The girls were sufficiently worn out each night and slept like champs, so I'd say we did a pretty good job.  

Izzy passed out watching Doc on the iPad, and Harper is making a phone call on the tv remote.  Pretty standard situation.
Izzy the sleeper, and Harper the night owl.  This girl is trouble.  Just look at that face.

She was pretty obsessed with the hotel phone, and I'm pretty sure she made several calls.

Unfortunately, our flight home did not go quite as smoothly as the rest of our trip.  We boarded and started to pull away from the gate, when the pilot came on and said something wasn't working right, and right back to the gate we went.  We stayed on the plane while the mechanics checked things out, and the pilot would periodically update us.  A quick TWO HOURS later, they told us the plane wasn't a quick fix, so we were moved to another plane.  I was in a very fragile state, right on the verge of laugh-crying at this point.  As our luck would have it, bad weather in DFW delayed our landing and required us to loop around Amarillo (??) on the way home.  It was nuts to say the least.  Griff and I needed a stiff drink after that flight, but our girls really did well considering the circumstance.

Beats by Hello Kitty.  Holla!

Dancing barefoot in the aisle of the plane, because what else was she to do???

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