Thursday, February 18, 2010

To Poo or Not to Poo?

Don’t worry. This entry isn’t as gross as it sounds, at least I don’t think so. Although, I suspect applying the above question to public restrooms could lead to a very interesting discussion. Okay, back to my point…

Izzy and I were out enjoying the beautiful day today when all of the sudden our lovely walk turned to sh*t, quite literally. You see, I noticed a fellow walker and his two dogs coming from the opposite direction, and from several feet away, I could tell that one of the dogs had to take care of some business and was squatting right next to the trail. I was hoping that this was a female dog who was just going #1. When the dog finished its business, and the owner continued walking, I assumed that was the case. Turns out I was either wrong, or homegirl was a very unladylike pup because as I approached the spot where the dog had done its deed, I saw (and smelled) a fresh, huge, steamin’ pile of…well, you know…

This usually doesn’t bother me, but it did today for some reason. I mean, the owner had absolutely no intention of cleaning this mess up. It wasn’t like he wanted to do the right thing, but decided it just wasn’t worth it or he didn’t have a bag or something to pick it up. There was never a question or hesitation. Since I was pushing Izzy in the stroller, this just made me think….I don’t get to let my baby poo freely in public without cleaning it up. Why should he? Clean up your dog’s poo, dude!

Now, I’m sure there are plenty of instances where it is not necessary to clean up after your pets, but in this particular park, there are several doggy “deposit” stations along the trail, not to mention the fact that tons of people walk, run, skateboard, bike, etc. along this trail, especially on a day like today. In my opinion, leaving your dog's mess right next to the trail for all to see and possibly step in, is just plain rude. I don’t have pets (you’re shocked, I’m sure), but I’m curious to know how pet owners feel about this subject.

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  1. Well you know where Nanna stands. I have a sign in my front yard. Problem is, the dogs who run loose in my neighborhood can't read! If I ever actually see the deed being done by a dog with an owner on the other end of the leash, I'm going out, picking it up in a bag, and handing it said owner....or following them home and putting it in their front yard. People who wouldn't throw an apple core on the ground are willing to let their dogs poop wherever they please. I carry lots of plastic bags, and I think I probably would have offered one to the guy in the park. I'm surprised Saginaw doesn't have a law about that, especially in such a nice public park. Maybe you can work on getting that going, Jen.