Thursday, August 13, 2009

What a BIG girl!

Izzy has really taken off lately. She’s getting to be so much fun, smiling and cooing all the time! Griff and I love seeing our baby girl smile, and pretty much make complete idiots out of ourselves in search for her next big grin. While she has learned to express happiness, she has also learned how to express her discontent in the form of a big ol’ frown. It’s so pitiful looking that I just can’t help but laugh…mean, I know.

She's already posing!

Something Nanny said must have been VERY funny!

Does she have pathetic down, or what???

In other news, it seems that Izzy is now….get this…overweight. Say whaaaaat???? Yep, that’s right my friends. My one-pound baby is now overweight. The dietician from ECI came out on Monday to weigh Little Miss, who now weighs a whopping 10 lbs 11 oz, and according to the weight-for-length chart, she’s at 95%, which puts her in the overweight category. Now, keep in mind that this is just weight for length. On the weight alone chart, she was 61% when compared to other 2-month old babies (which is her adjusted age), and 0.27% when compared to 5-month old babies (her actual age). The dietician wasn’t at all concerned, but she did suggest we cut her calories a little by adding less formula to her milk. I’m waiting on the pedi to call me back about this – I want to make sure he is in agreement with this decision. She’s definitely well on her way to catching up with all of the other 5-month-olds out there!


  1. wow, that is amazing that she shows up on the 5 month chart at all. The smiley pics are adorable!

  2. Are you making her do the pouty face? She looks cute like that.

    Your friend

  3. With all that good food you cooked, she will be on weight watchers in a couple months. lol
    Just keeping doing what you've been doing, she is doing great,and so cute.

    Love aunt Karen

  4. Thanks everyone, and Hayden...she pouts all on her own! ;-)