Thursday, August 5, 2010

Date Night

The in-laws kept Izzy overnight a few weeks ago which allowed Hubs and I the rare opportunity to go out on an actual date. It seems like anytime Izzy is away from us, it is for something we are invited to and need to get a sitter (one of the grandparents). So, It's not often that we find ourselves sans Baby Girl and plans simultaneously. And I gotta be honest....on the rare occasion that this does happen, it is really hard not to just be lazy and stay home and watch tv in our sweats (aka "fat pants" around here) all night.

We got out of the house this time, and we had a great night. First, we were off to Terra Mediterranean Grill for some grub. We shared Black Angus Beef Ribeye and Chicken Kabobs, both served with saffron rice and roasted vegetables. The beef was really good, and the chicken was good, but very lemony, so we didn't love it. The rice and veggies were delish. The portions are HUGE. Wish I would have known this because we could have easily split one order of kabobs.

Next, we were off to Yogurtland. I was recently introduced to this little slice of heaven, and I've been completely obsessesed with it ever since. If you haven't been, stop reading and go right now. You will thank me later. It is self-serve frozen yougurt that is ah-mazing. There are close to 20 flavors to choose from, and they give you litte sample cups so you can taste-test before commiting to a flavor/flavors. And the toppings...everything you could imagine from gummy yorms, to granola, to fruit, to cheesecake bites. Yes, cheesecake bites! My favorite is 1/2 cheesecake yogurt and 1/2 vanilla wafer yogurt, topped with granola and strawberry. To. die. for. The only downfall is that you pay by the ounce. Here's hoping I can refrain from eating my weight in yogurt this year!

After dinner and dessert, we were off to see Inception. Since I don't really watch commercials anymore (thanks to my trusty DVR) and my car stereo has been taken over by the Backyardigans (which my child insists on watching every single time we leave the house), I had never even heard/seen a preview or reviews for the movie, but the hubs had heard good things about it and wanted to see it. So we did. And it was good. I'm not normally into that type of movie, so I was surprised I liked it so much. Only problem was that I was a bit miserable from stuffing my face beforehand. You see, I did not plan well and ate too much at dinner. I was not even slightly hungry for dessert, but I had been dreaming about Yogurtland all week, and I was not about to skip it. So, I soldiered on. Not just for me, but for yogurt lovers everywhere. I was truly miserable, and I may or may not have needed to unbutton my jeans during the movie for comfort. My poor hubs.


  1. Gene loves Yogie-Land too; there is one near our house. I am not a frozen yogurt fan so I was thrilled when we found Yogurt-Zone which also has a sorbet flavor, currently pink watermelon. YUM. For Katelynn, it is all about putting bizarre combinations of rainbow flavored items on the top of any yogurt that is pink.

  2. I'll have to check out Yogurt-Zone, Katie.

    Nanna, we went to the one off 7th, in Montgomery Plaza. It's right across from Gloria's and Sushi Axiom. I think that's probably the closest one to you, too.

  3. Hello! Yea for date night! Thanks for sharing your (rare) outing with us. We hope to see you back soon!