Monday, August 9, 2010

Step Aside, Nastia Liukin

Baby Girl has several cousins and little friends, and she gets to play with them pretty often, but on most weekdays, it's just Izzy and Mama. And let's face it, Mama gets old after awhile. So, I've been looking for an activity for Izzy that will allow her to have some fun and be around other kiddos her age. And okay, I'll admit it, Mama gets bored, too and would like to occasionally speak to people her age as well. I decided on The Little Gym for a few reasons, but mostly because I get to dress her up in cute leotards. Just kidding. Well, kind of. ;-) We took Izzy to a free trial class last Saturday to see if she liked it well enough to pay for classes. Looks like The Little Gym will be getting our money because she loved it! She got to shake little maraca-ish thingys, play with bouncy balls, chase and pop bubbles, march in a circle, jump up and down, dance to cute little songs, roll around with Mama, do back flips with Daddy, walk the balance beam, hang from the uneven bars, and run around the gym for some free time, all while looking super adorable. She was in heaven! We signed her up for 5 months of classes, so she better not change her mind! Oh, and yes, she was the only child in the class wearing an actual gymnastics leotard. Are we surprised? Not one bit. :-)

This was the parent & child log roll. Can you see the concern on my face?

Jumping with Mommy.

Perfecting her back flip with Daddy. 1....


3! (I think she liked it!)

She wasn't so sure about the balance beam.

The skill of the week: The Wheelbarrow

Hillarie and Alex will be taking classes with us. Yay!
Looks like Izzy is getting ready for a one-handed dismount.
What a natural.

Hanging from the bars.

The girl loves to climb!

Kind of blurry, but oh, so precious!

She saw the bouncy balls and took off running!


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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! maybe I should look into that for my little Missy...could use something to use some of her crazy energy!