Monday, August 2, 2010

The Final Rose

Papa and Nanna will be happy to hear that the Bachelorette season finale aired tonight. Ali took Chris and Roberto to meet her family in Bora Bora. Her family was nice, and very accepting of both men. In fact, her dad gave his blessing for both of the guys to propose to his daughter within 5 minutes of meeting them. I joked that he will just give his daughter to anyone, and Hubs joked that maybe he should ask for his blessing, too. At least I think he was joking...

I was really rooting for Chris, the obvious underdog. He is so nice and normal and has a sweet family. He always seems so nervous in front of the cameras that his cheeks blush a little and he kind of stutters over his words. But he doesn't at all appear to be doing this for the fame, which I like. I was hoping that Ali would see how great he is, but it was pretty clear early on in this episode that she had already decided on Roberto. Not that Roberto (or Robirdo, as Ali pronounces his name) is bad. He just still seems a little too Rico Suave for my taste. Like he's trying too hard to be the perfect guy. Maybe he is the perfect guy and I'm just a cynic, but I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up cheating on her. There. I said it.

So, both of the meet-the-parent dates went well, and it almost seemed like the guys were on equal playing ground. Except I did notice that Ali dressed way cuter for Roberto's date than for her date with Chris. She did the same thing on the last episode, too. Roberto got a sexy little dress and Chris got a tie dyed tank top and palazzo pants. Anyone else catch that? No, just me?

Anyway, after meeting Ali's parents, each of the guys was supposed to have one last date with Ali. Roberto's date was first, and it ended up being the only date. He told her he loved her and gave her a framed picture of the two of them with a little love note written on the back. It was very obvious that Ali was over the moon with Roberto and had forgotten all about Chris by this point. And I'm sorry, but did someone color Ali's hair with a yellow highlighter? I know I'm not nice for judging, but homegirl's hair was not looking good.

I have to give her credit though, because once she was sure that she was in love with Roberto, she immediately told Chris he wasn't the one, instead of stringing him along for one last date and the final rose ceremony. I'm so glad she did that because it would have been painful to watch Chris fall so cluelessly in love with her, only knowing that she wouldn't pick him in the end. My poor little Chris. He didn't even see it coming, but the way he handled the news that Ali was in love with Roberto spoke volumes about his character. He thanked her for being honest with him and wished her luck. And his mom's rainbow at the end?? Loved it! I'm thinking he might be bachelor material for next season. I don't know though. I don't want to see him get all cheesy like Jake and then have to hate him. It's a tough call.

So, in the end Roberto proposed to Ali, and they are officially engaged. To be married. After knowing each other for two months. All while Ali was dating 20 other guys. On television. In Tahiti. With no real-life responsibilities. Sounds perfect. What could ever go wrong?


  1. Okay, I read it to the end, so where's my Izzy photo? I thought we made it clear that that is a requirement. Every post must have an Izzy photo. I KNOW you put several photos of her yesterday, but this is a new day. The fans are disappointed.

  2. Yes I so agree with everything. The Roberto thing caught me by surprise because until this episode it didn't seem she was really that into him. Love Chris L. Something about him reminds me of Griff a little. I think the network would hesitate to cast him as Bachelor because he is more shy and normal and not insanely egotistical. But I think there will be a lot of demand from women for it!

  3. Funny that you said that about Chris reminding you of Griff, Katie. I said the same thing to Griff the other day. Must be why I liked Chris so much. ;-)

  4. And Nanna, I'm working on another post now, and I will be sure to put an Izzy picture in there just for you!