Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Potty Boot Camp: Day Two

Day two of potty hell training is over.  I'll start by answering my own question from yesterday's post: no, day two is not easier.  Today consisted of 5 accidents, 1 poop in a Pull-Up, and 2 pees in the potty (neither of which were initiated by homegirl).  Ugh...scratch what I said yesterday, I don't think she's getting it.  I have decided that I need to relax and lower my expectations before I'm admitted to the crazy farm.  I may have had a leetle bit of a breakdown this afternoon.  Izzy hadn't peed in awhile, so I knew it was coming soon.  I kept trying to get her to sit on the potty, and she did sit, but never peed.  In between sitting, she would get up, play around, and I kept reminding her that she needed to come sit on the potty if she had to pee.  Of course, she peed on the floor, all over her toys.  So frustrating!

I would just give up and wait a few more months, but she woke up from her nap dry again today and she is very quick to annouce a poopy diaper.  Those are two major signs (from what I've read) that she is ready.  So, I suppose I'll finish what I started and press on with the potty training.  I may have to switch to pull-ups and just setting a timer soon if the accidents keep happening so frequently though.  Once again, I bailed when hubs got home and headed to the gym.  If nothing else, this potty training thing might whip me into shape.  Thank goodness for crockpot meals and sweet husbands, right?  I guess the good news is there's always tomorrow.  The bad news is I finished off the skinny girl ritas tonight. 

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  1. I thought the potty training would send me to the funny farm too. You constantly second guess yourself and whether your kid is ready, right? Don't worry - we all get through it. She won't go to kindergarten in a diaper I promise!