Sunday, September 11, 2011

Master Bedroom Makeover - Part 1

I'm always saying to hubs, "I've got an idea...," and usually this triggers an automatic eye roll from him.  However, yesterday I presented him with an idea that he was on board with.  Our master bedroom has been neglected for a while now.  To be more clear, we've lived here for 5 years, and my first and only attempt at "decorating" it was about 4-5 months ago when I purchased new bedding.  Well, since this little thing called Pinterest has entered my world, I have found myself coveting all of these beautiful master bedrooms, and I have definitely noticed a trend in my taste.  I'm loving light, bright, airy, crisp rooms.  I'm loving the pale grayish blue walls, white bedding, beautiful mirrors, etc, etc...  In short, I'm not loving my current bedroom.  And that new bedding I purchased a few months back?  I still think it's pretty, but it's not so much fittin' in the vision these days.  I mentioned to Griff last week that I wanted to get new bedding, and his exact words were, "You JUST bought new bedding!"  Enter the new plan.

I came home from the gym yesterday morning and proposed that we rearrange our bedroom furniture, move our television armoire to the extra bedroom, and mount a tv on the wall above our dresser.  As soon as I finished my sentence, he suggested I put Izzy down for a nap, so we could start moving furniture.  Score one for the wifey!  So, I walk back into our room after getting Izzy to sleep, and this is what I find.  I didn't even have time to take a good "before" picture before he started moving stuff, but you get the idea.  Obviously the chest of drawers and armoire had already been moved a bit.

I've always hated the scale of that mirror over the dresser.  I hate it even more in pictures.
Once we got everything situated, I mentioned that some fresh paint and new bedding would really make a difference.  It went over much better this time around.  If I had only known electronics were the way to his heart, I would have tried this tactic a long time ago.  I was on such a roll, that I thought it might be a good time to suggest pulling up the carpet and having wood floors installed.  That idea got shot down just as fast as it came out of my mouth.  The man has his limits. 

This is what the room looked like when we went to bed last night.  Please ignore the curtains, the pile of clothes in the corner (getting rid of the armoire cost me three drawers worth of storage - small price to pay, right?), and all the crap on the dresser.  So basically, ignore all the pictures. 

After church today, the hunt for a new television was under way.  And tonight I found hubs here:

Watching this:

And I found myself in the living room with a television to myself.  Yep, that be RHNJ. 

I might just be a genius. 

Obviously there is still a LOT to do, such as hanging the tv on the wall and decorating the ENTIRE room, but I'm really liking the new bedroom layout so far.  It's actually sparked a little redecorating fire in me, and I changed up a few things in the living room and office today, too.  Funny how just moving things around a bit can make a big difference. 

So, here is the inspiration for the master bedroom.  Found via Pinterest.  Duh.

A far cry from the current situation, huh??  I LOVE the bedding in the last two pics.  I found it at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and Macy's.  Hopefully it will be coming home with me soon. Among other things, I'm on the hunt for the perfect mirror to hang above the bed (perferably more budget friendly than the ones pictured), some new lamps, and a mirrored jewelry box for the dresser.  I have a feeling I will be scouring all the area discount stores soon.  If you need me, you can find me at Marshall's, Ross, HomeGoods, or Tuesday Morning.  If all else fails, check Tarjay.  There is a greater than 50% chance you can find me there at any moment, with or without reason.

Also on my list of must-haves for the master bedroom makeover are these fun projects:

Turn an old frame into an adorable tray.  I mean, just shut up, this is idea is legit.  Click here for deets.

I'm loving the framed fabric.  You know you love it, too.  Here ya go.
Hopefully I will make enough progress to post a "Part 2" soon!


  1. I love it! and you may have inspired me to makeover our bedroom. I am sure B will be so happy!

  2. Yay! Can't wait to see what you do with your room. If Brian says no, throw electronics at him. Works like a charm.

  3. So I really messed up. A few months ago I let Gene get a new tv for our room but didn't get ANY new decorations. Noooo! I must learn from the master!

  4. Oh, Katie. Talk about a missed opportunity! ;-)