Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Off to School

My big girl is now a Preschooler.  Can you believe it?   

Adorable, yes?

She was beyond thrilled about her backpack and lunch box 

Walking to her classroom
Gotta butter those teachers up so they are extra sweet to my baby girl.  Obviously I've been spending too much time on Pinterest lately...

I'm gonna be honest...I wasn't all that sad about this day.  I was actually pretty darn excited to have some time to myself.  Mother of the year?  But let me tell you, those 4.5 hours flew by!  I dropped Izzy off, went home to change, drove to a friend's house and we went for a run, stopped by the grocery store, went home to eat lunch and shower, and it was time to go back and pick her up.  I did kind of feel like my right arm was missing all day though.  It was so quiet at the house, and I found myself missing my little sidekick.  Her teacher said she had a great day, and from what I've gotten out of her, she had fun.  She walks around saying, "Ms. Becky nice," quite a bit, so I'm taking that as a good sign. 

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