Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Oh, the Drama!

This week's episode started with a lot of drama, just how I like it! Some random girl I didn't even remember from Jake's season called the producers up to tell them that Wrestler has a girlfriend. Ummm, duh! Did this really surprise anyone? So, Chris Harrison calls this forgettable girl up so Ali can speak to her, and the girl acts so surprised to hear from him. Yet there is a camera crew at her house, and the supposed girlfriend just happens to be sitting on the couch next to her. Talk about a coincidence, huh? Wrestler's girlfriend admitted that he just went on the show to promote his career, and he was planning on making it to the final three before returning home to marry her. How romantic, no? I guess Girlfriend was good with this twisted situation until she found out about yet another girl. Wrestler sounds like a real catch. Even though I'm not Ali's biggest fan, I really like the way she confronted him in front of all the guys. I thought she nailed it, and wondered if the producers fed her those lines. Wrestler had no words of defense, but he did make me laugh as he hobbled through the flower beds to get away from Ali and the cameras.

After Wrestler left, Ty and Ali had a solo date. Ali asked Ty about his divorce, and he couldn't have been more vague. I am honestly just as clueless about his divorce as I was before. The only thing I can gather is that he was not cool with his wife working outside the home, and I'm not even sure that's correct. But if it is, what an a-hole! I'm all about traditional values, but come on, let the little lady out of the house to persue her career, too. I can't believe Ali didn't dig for more specific answers as to why his marriage ended. And has the girl heard of a rebound relationship? All kinds of red flags would be going off for me after that date, but she gave him a rose anyway.

Next was a group date with Roberto, Chris, Kirk (still my top three picks)

and Craig, the notsoattractive lawyer.

The guys had to wrestle some very serious looking Turkish dudes while dripping in olive oil. Very strange. And how ironic that they wrestle after Wrestler leaves. Anywho...it was down to Roberto and Craig fighting for a solo date with Ali. You could almost see Ali rooting for Roberto, or maybe I was just imagining that, but come on, we all know she was. In the end, Craig won, and he probably needed it the most since he was the only guy left who hadn't had a solo date. Unfortunately, I don't think the date helped him much. He's actually a really funny guy, but you could just tell from Ali's body language that she wasn't feeling it. Craig, however, was 100% condfident that they were into each other. How can men be so clueless? He was shocked, and even got a little teary when he didn't receive a rose. Poor Craig.

Creepy stalker Frank got the second solo date. That guy just rubs me the wrong way. They went to a street bazaar, and then had dinner on a platform surrounded by water. Very cool, but I was distracted by the fact that Ali's cute knee boots were getting ruined while she was trekking through the water to get to the platform. I wonder if the show replaced them. Do you think they provide her wardrobe? Probably. Wow, a whole conversation, all by myself. Impressive! Back to Frank....he gets weird at dinner and says the reason he is still single at 30 is because he is very cautious. I can think of a few more reasons, but that is beside the point. For reasons that are beyond me, Ali is really into this guy, but from the looks of the previews, he is going to break her heart in Tahiti. It's too bad I couldn't have been on this trip with Ali to steer her in the right direction. So, does he have a girlfriend, or is he just a commitment phobe? Oh, and tell me I'm not the only one who noticed how weird he was acting after they all found out about Wrestler. He looked a little guilty. That's all I'm gonna say...

So, next week they're off to Portugal, and from the previews, we can see that Roberto, Ty, and Frank all make it to Tahiti, so I'm guessing that means either Chris or Kirk will be going home next week. Either way, I'm sad about that. I wouldn't be surprised if she ends up not picking any of these guys as her husband in the end. And, as if I need more reason to stay tuned, Jake and Vienna sausage are supposed to give their first interview since their breakup next week.

And I would just like to get this out there now. I predict that if Roberto is not the chosen one this season, he will be the next Bachelor.

***I realize this is two Bachelorette posts in a row, with no mention of my Izzy girl. Sorry, Dad. In my defense, I tried to post a blog about her yesterday, but I couldn't get the videos to work. I'll keep trying, but in the meantime, maybe this sweet little face will tide you over.


  1. All those spoiler previews on the actual show caused me to finally break down and go read realitysteve.com. They irritate me with all their teasing. Don't do it unless you want to know the outcome; pretty sure he is right about it all... great post today! I thought the same thing about the wrestling after the Wrestler left and also how she ruined her boots. :-)

  2. Nanna comes here looking for Izzy posts and what does she find???? No mention of sweet Izzy making car noises as she scoots her little auto across the floor... Nanna is disappointed! C'mon, throw the grandparents a bone!

  3. I don't check realitysteve, but I do agree that the previews give too much away...and I really don't like Frank or Ty. Ugh!

    Sorry to disappoint you, Nanna. I blame technology. I am planning on writing an Izzy post tonight if there's time. And I did throw you a bone. Didn't you see the cute picture? ;-)

  4. I need a bigger bone.....tales of the wonderful new things Izzy is doing. That show you're posting about is getting way too much space. I had to scroll down through all those photos of silly boys just to get to the most important part, Izzy's dimples.