Monday, June 21, 2010

The Show I Love to Hate

Not only am I shamefully addicted to The Bachelorette, I am now addicted to writing about as well. You're welcome. So, this week's episode took us to Iceland. The fire and ice scenery added an extra cheese factor to the already cheesy setting.

The guys had to compete for a solo date by writing a poem for Ali. This was the first time that Mystery Man opened his mouth, and I now understand his silent strategy. Turns out Mystery Man is not so smart. Listening to his poem, if you can even call it that, was truly painful. He had a chance to redeem himself at the most dramatic rose ceremony EVER when he got some one-on-one time with Ali, but not so surprisingly, he crashed and burned. The most interesting thing that came out of his mouth was, "I like Mexican food." And that was in response to Ali asking him about his fun and guilty vices. I think I liked him better when he didn't talk. Needless to say, we won't be seeing Mystery Man next week.

Kirk had the best poem, so the solo date went to him. I do like him, but I'm not 100% sold yet. They've been teasing Kirk's "big secret" all week, and we find out tonight that he was really sick a few years back due to asbestos and mold. Really, Bachelorette? Asbestos and mold is your big tease? No kids back home? No divorce pending? No drug rehab? No sex addiction? Hey, it seems to be the "in" thing nowadays... I still think he's hiding something. When Ali asked about his past relationships, he got kind of weird. I was thinking maybe he was going to tell her he had cheated on several of his past girlfriends or something. That would have made for much better tv in my opinion. He said to the cameras that he was so happy Ali knew the real him and accepted him. What, did he really expect her to change her opinion of him because of a little mold issue? Asbestos and all, Kirk got another rose.

Just when I thought things couldn't get more awkward with Kasey, he gets picked to go on a 2-on-1 date with Ali and the wrestler. Only one of them would get a rose, and the other would be sent packing. I think Kasey was starting to have second thoughts on his obvious lapse in judgement that resulted in the worst tattoo in America (and in Iceland this week). There was a lot of talk about when and how he would reveal it to Ali, and he finally decided to bust it out while sitting on top of a glacier. Ali's face was pretty priceless. She thanked him for "being himself." I think she meant, "thank you for making this decision a no-brainer." The bad tattoo sealed his fate, and he was left on the glacier, without a rose, as Ali and the wrestler made their dramatic exit in the helicopter. Given Kasey's mental state, I'm surprised he didn't jump into the active volcano they had just flown over. I just hope, for his sake, that he will find a girl who doesn't watch the show and likes really bad tattoos.

Wrestler has been shady since the beginning, and tonight's episode just confirmed what a jerk he is. Poor Kasey was so intimidated by him, and he was just eating it up. Did anyone else find it pretty suspicious that he's been hobbling around on crutches all season, and he finally gets his cast cut off by some random doctor in Iceland? If it were that easy, why didn't he get it off a long time ago? He's totally pulling the sympathy card. And come on, when he said in his interview that two roses were given out: one to him and one to Rated R, his wrestling persona??? I don't like him.

So, who's got the girlfriend back home??? I'm guessing wrestler, but I'm secretly hoping it's Frank. Is it just me, or is he a little creepy?
And what about Ty? He says and does all the right things, but let us not forget that he got divorced like 10 minutes ago. I'm guessing he's got some baggage. And from the looks of this picture, his baggage is full of hideous clothes. What is with this shirt??

Until next week...

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  1. ok, your blog posts make watching the show completely worth it. looking forward to this week's update. ;-)