Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Our Little Cupcake

A few weeks ago, we had a big party celebrating Izzy's first year home from the hospital. Since her actual birthday is February 26, which fell right in the middle of our "lock down" season, we kept things low key at the house with our immediate families. We decided she had been through enough to deserve two parties this first year, so we planned another party with more family and friends on her original due date, which was the day before she was released from the NICU. If there was any question about her being spoiled before this party, I now have the answer: yes, she is rotten. She got so much cute stuff, enough to make me a bit jealous of her wardrobe. How sad is that?!? I was a little nervous that all of our guests would be sweating bullets since we had the party at the park, but we got very lucky with the weather. There was plenty of shade and a nice cool breeze. I would say Izzy's first party was a success. Now, only 7 months until the next one...

The invitation, minus a few details. I'm having fun with digital scrapbooking.

The dessert table. Mom helped me with the cupcakes the day before the party. Because I'm a walking disaster, I managed to spill a canister of sugar on my kitchen floor, pretty much 5 minutes after I filled it with an ENTIRE 5lb bag. Awesome.


This little girl is very loved!

The three musketeers. Izzy playing with her NICU roomies, Hadley and Emily. Special girls!

The mamas behind the miracles. Me, Crystal, and Becca.

Bounce house fun!

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