Monday, November 28, 2011

Just a Few Things...

1. I am old.  This was proven twice in the last two weeks. 

Exhibit A: Whilst attempting to stuff myself into an ill-fitting, poorly made dress in the dressing room of Forever 21, I overheard some college girls trying on outfits for the 80's themed fraternity party they were going to that evening.  Nothing like being back in your college town amongst current students as a thirty-year-old whose purse is full of diapers and fruit snacks to make you feel like a dinosaur.  I decided it was best that F21 and I permanently part ways. 

Exhibit B: In a P.F. Chang's restroom, I asked a few girls (who happened to be headed to some sorority formal) if they were in line.  They replied, "No ma'am."  Game over.  I'm old.

2. I am publicly admitting that I was among the masses waiting for Target to open at midnight last Friday.  What can I say?  Black Friday is to shopping as the Superbowl is to football.  I got some good deals, marked a few gifts off the list, and avoided fist fights and pepper spray.  Success. 

3. The house is decked out for Christmas, and I'm loving it.  Now I just need to wrap the gifts.  That's where I always drag my feet.  It's happening tomorrow.  Write that down. 

4. I ate entirely too much food last week, and now my scale and I are not on good terms.  I may or may not have had pumpkin pie for dinner Friday night. 

5. Our sweet friends took some pictures of us for our Christmas card yesterday.  Guess which one we aren't using??  Stinker.

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